August 14, 2017

CARTERVILLE — Are you ready to rock?

John A. Logan College is reviving a course taught in 1998 titled “The History of Rock and Roll.” It was the first online course to ever be taught at John A. Logan College.

“Today, we have many online course offerings and online classes are extremely popular,” said Dr. Ron House, College president. “I find it interesting that the first online course at John A. Logan College was about the history of rock and roll. In light of the College’s 50th anniversary, I think it is wonderful idea to revive this course.”

The course was taught back then by Terry Crain and Bob Fester. While Fester will provide some consultation, Crain will teach the course solo this time. The eight-week online course starts this fall.

Dr. Barry Hancock, dean of community education, is excited to see the course return.

“These guys (Crain and Fester) are real movers and shakers around the College,” Hancock said. “Back in 1998, we had people enroll from all over the world. These guys were true pioneers and were instrumental in the infancy of what was to become the online revolution in this country.”

Crain said the course will include some things from the old course and many things news.

“Of course, there’s been a lot of rock and roll history take place since 1998. Rock and roll will never die,” Crain said. “It was really wonderful bringing the old band back together, so to speak, consulting with Bob (Fester) about ideas in reviving the class. Finding and researching new items and features for the modules is amazing. There are so many great stories surrounding rock and roll in the 50’s and 60’s that add substance and color to the timeframe. There’s a story in every song and a song in every story.”