April 26, 2017

The annual High School Business Contest was held at John A. Logan College on Thursday, April 20, 2017. Over 100 students and faculty from seven high schools in the John A. Logan College district attended. The high schools attending this year’s contest included: Carterville, DuQuoin Christian Fellowship, Elverado, Herrin, Johnston City, Marion, and Trico.

John A. Logan College President Dr. Ron House delivered a welcome to the students during the opening session, and Lora Hines, Department of Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics Chairperson, presented an overview of the business programs to the students. John A. Logan College full-time and term faculty members were involved in administering the various competitions. Students chose one of the following events in which to compete: Accounting, Business Communication, Business Math, Cyber Defense, General Business, Keyboarding, Medical Terminology, and Personal Computer Security.

Seniors attending had the opportunity to compete in the Business Scholarship Competition for a two-year scholarship to John A. Logan College. David Wheeler from Marion High School received the Business Scholarship.

Individual competition winners included the following:

First Place Jack Currie, Carterville
2nd Matalin Olson, Marion
3rd Savanna Valerius, Elverado
4th Kaitlyn Hammel, Trico
5th Lacey Westerman, Trico
Business Communication
First Place Brandon Wood, Marion
2nd Connor Henderson, Carterville
3rd Brittney Gibbons, Johnston City
4th Jackson Galbaith, Johnston City
5th Brynne Massetto, Marion
Business Math
First Place Chase Stanley, Johnston City
2nd Ethan Murrah, Johnston City
3rd Clayton Selby, Johnston City
4th Jacob Janz, Marion
5th Kristen Bunselmeyer, Trico
Cyber Defense
First Place Danny Ridings/Gage Williams, Johnston City
2nd Jacob Crawford/Ethan Jennings, Johnston City
3rd Alex Murler/Zach Glass, Marion
4th Jake Farmer/Frank Falkenberry, Johnston City
General Business
First Place Braden Gentry, Carterville
2nd Emma Armstrong, Carterville
3rd Alex Jines, Trico
4th Jessica Buckner, Johnston City
5th Emily West, Johnston City 
First Place Jessie Mueller, Johnston City
2nd Samantha Moore, Johnston City
3rd Minji Lee, DuQuoin Christian Fellowship
4th Emma Funk, Elverado
5th Jackson Fowler, Johnston City
Medical Terminology
First Place Alexis Daun, Marion
2nd Jordan Bundren, Marion
3rd Jordan Altug, Marion
4th Marissa Russell, Herrin
5th Barilynn Shelby, Johnston City
Personal Computer Security
First Place Austin Hogue, Johnston City
2nd Nick Anson, Carterville
3rd Sarah Eaton, Johnston City
4th Nate Wiehn, DuQuoin Christian Fellowship
5th Hailey Nagel, Trico

Dr. Jason Tanner, Professor of Business and coordinator of the contest, stated, “The annual High School Business Contest is an excellent opportunity for students to compete in a rigorous business competition and a great avenue for them to explore business programs.  It is a privilege to welcome students from local high schools to the campus of John A. Logan College every year.”