April 25, 2017

CARTERVILLE — Online nursing classes at John A. Logan College are some of the best in the nation, according to an online resource that provides information on nursing schools.

GeriatricNursing.org complied a list of “25 Best Online Associates Degrees in Nursing” in America and John A. Logan College made the list.

“We understand that it takes lots of effort to maintain high standards and dedicated staff to provide the best nursing education out there, so John A. Logan College should feel extremely proud of their hard work,” said Meredith Rogers, a spokesperson for the website.

Marilyn Falaster is the director of nursing at John A. Logan College. Because of the high quality instruction offered at the College, Falaster said she is not surprised that Logan was recognized.

“We have some super strong instructors,” Falaster said. “They are without a doubt some of the best nursing instructors in the country. They train nurses who are not just ready to go to work, but ready to excel at work after graduation.”

Logan instructors include: Heather Hampson, Erin McGuire, Mikeal Kos, Donna Farris, Dr. Barb Patchett, Julie Horecker, and Pam Hays.

“These are the best of the best,” says Melanie Pecord, acting vice president for Instruction, of Logan’s nursing instructors. “The quality of their instruction is well known within the industry which makes a Logan nursing graduate valuable as soon as they graduate.”

Falaster noted that one of the things she is most proud about with the online courses is that it allows LPNs who are seeking their RN to obtain their degrees even while working full-time.

“We have a number of LPNs who work full-time and are able to get their RN without missing any work,” Falaster said. “This has really helped a lot of LPNs who want to better themselves.”

John A. Logan College offers an Associate Degree program designed to provide career mobility among individuals who have successfully completed a practical nursing program. It is made to prepare the students for nursing practice as defined in the Illinois Nursing Act, and meets the schools’ requirements for offering an associate degree in nursing in Illinois. Students must have completed all general education courses and have completed one year of LPN experience to be considered for the hybrid online ADN program. Once the program is successfully completed, students will be eligible for the NCLEX-RN licensing examination, which entitles them to work in various clinical settings.

John A. Logan College has an open admission policy, but the nursing programs have additional entrance requirements. Individuals who are interested in the online Associate Degree in Nursing have to meet these requirements in order to be considered for the program. The college accepts 40 applicants for the full-time classes and another 40 applicants for the part-time classes. The length of the Associate Degree program is nine months for full-time students, and may also take longer for part time students. Students should already complete four out of five general education courses and a CPR training prior to the acceptance of the program. If these are not met, full-time students can complete the program in 12 months. Additionally, part-time students can finish the program in 21 months.

The Associate Degree in Nursing is provided in an online and classroom based format. Students who prefer to undergo the program online can take the classes through the comforts of their homes. They can take the coursework one at a time, based on their convenience and availability. However, it is important to take note that the clinical practicum takes place in an approved healthcare facility. Clinical sites that are currently utilized are located in Marion, Anna, Carbondale and other various locations in Southern Illinois. Students need to provide their own transportation to and from their assigned clinical sites, and should also undergo a criminal background check, alcohol/drug testing and physical examination.

The college ensures that students are physically fit and capable of meeting the demands of the profession. Interested applicants have to pass these physical examinations, along with the school’s written exams and interviews for admission. Tuition cost can reach up to $9,635, and this does not include the activity fees, medical exams, CPR and immunization, NCLEX-RN examination fee and state licensure fee. Financial aid programs are also available for students who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of the Associate Degree program. This would mean that students have to meet the qualifications of the scholarships and ensure to maintain good grades throughout the Associate Degree program.