March 27, 2017

CARTERVILLE — Some students are head and shoulders above the rest.


That’s why John A. Logan College is a college for every body.

Even if that body is seven feet tall.

Aaron Twist, 20, of West Frankfort is currently the tallest student enrolled at John A. Logan College. Not surprisingly, he is also a member of the College’s basketball team.

“When I first arrived at John A. Logan College, I got a lot of gasps, especially when I first walked into the classroom and, mostly, from instructors who couldn’t believe how tall I was,” Twist said. “But I still have people asking me all the time how tall I am. The second question they ask almost always is if I play basketball and the third question is how tall are my parents?”

Twist’s mother is 5’9” and his father is 6’4”. Twist said he suspects he got his height from an uncle who is 6’9”. Still, Twist has a three-inch height advantage.

“Finding clothes is awful,” Twist said. “Jeans are a nightmare.”

In the classroom, Twist, with his strong study habits, is consistently on the vice-president’s list. He said he has enjoyed all of his instructors as he studies finance. “I would like to work in a bank someday,” he says.

Until then, he is planning on playing another year for the Vols under Coach Kyle Smithpeters. The Vols were 24-6 this year.

“We had a great year and I couldn’t ask for a better group of guys to play with,” Twist said. “It was a really great season.”

Twist said he was six feet tall at age 12. “Since then, I grew a foot,” he said. “I’m tall enough that if I have a basketball in my hands, I can touch the rim with the ball on my tip-toes.”

A trip to the grocery store is rarely uneventful, Twist explained, as all too often he is asked by someone to reach something from the top shelf.

“It happens all the time,” he said. “It’s just part of being tall.”