February 8, 2017

CARTERVILLE — Yellow buses arrived on campus in heavy rains Tuesday as John A. Logan College recruiters rolled out the red carpet and showered high school students with information that could impact their futures.

Nearly 600 students from 11 high schools in the College’s district were greeted on campus by College officials and given a first-hand look at all healthcare and applied technology programs offered here.

“We are hoping these students find direction for their futures while on campus today,” said Dr. Ron House, president of John A. Logan College. “We are confident that our programs can give each of them a foundation for success after they graduate high school and begin their journey toward their future careers.”

Accommodating hundreds of students took a good deal of planning led by Scott Wernsman, director of dual credit and partnerships and Joe Hines, coordinator of student recruitment.

“The event today is all about these students,” Hines said. “They are here today because they are searching, searching for the best school and the best programs to help them be as successful as they can in the future. We believe everything they need to accomplish that begins right here.”

Wernsman agrees, noting that a number of the students visiting the campus have already begun their journey in higher education by taking dual credit courses at their high school.

“Our dual credit students will get the opportunity to see and experience our campus today,” Wernsman said. “They will have to the opportunity to ask any questions they may have, meet instructors, and get a real feel for our campus.”

Along with House, Dr. Melanie Pecord, acting vice-president for Instruction and Stephanie Hartford-Chaney, dean of Academic Affairs, also welcomed students to campus.

“It’s an amazing feeling to me personally to look out at an auditorium full of high school students and think how each of these students are so focused on their futures,” Pecord said. “And the fact that John A. Logan College can have an impact on so many of these lives gives me — and I believe everyone else who works here — a great sense of pride.”

Tim Williams, dean of Student Services, visited with Carbondale students outside the College’s conference facility just before tours began Tuesday.

“We’re reaching out, we’re making our best pitch to students to help them understand the high-quality education that John A. Logan College offers, it’s affordability, and all of the tremendous opportunities that exist close to home,” Williams said.