January 11, 2017

A 1978 graduate of John A. Logan College will be sworn in Wednesday to represent the 117th District in Springfield.

Dave Severin (R-Benton) graduated from John A. Logan College 39 years ago with an associate’s degree in social work. He used his degree to work for his parents at their nursing home in Benton. Later, Severin opened his own business in Benton, All-Stars & Stitches.

On Wednesday, Severin will officially take office as a state representative after being elected in November by the voters of the 117th District, which includes Williamson and Franklin counties.

“I know first-hand the importance of our community colleges,” Severin said. “When mom and dad needed someone with a degree in social work at the nursing home they turned to me. I turned to John A. Logan College. The College was great and I was able to work for my mom and dad for many years until they sold the nursing home.”

Severin then opened All-Stars & Stitches, a custom embroidery and promotional products manufacturing company in Benton that employs 12 people.

“Even later, when I started my own business, I drew from many courses that I took at John A. Logan College to help me along the way,” Severin said.

And as a candidate for state representative, Severin used his public skills learned at the College to help him campaign.

“I had classes in the morning and then, again, in the evening,” Severin said. “Since I was from Benton, I just stayed on campus instead of driving all the way back home. So I learned to socialize with a number of people, mostly around the campus ping-pong table,” he laughed.

Severin, a high school athlete, also got the opportunity to practice with the College basketball team from time to time.

“All my memories at John A. Logan College are positive memories,” Severin said. “I’m proud to be a community college graduate and happy about what the College was able to do for me and my future.”

On Wednesday, nearly 100 residents from the 117th District are expected to travel to Springfield to show their support for Severin as he takes office.

“I love Southern Illinois, I love what it stands for and I couldn’t be more proud of John A. Logan College and all of the other higher learning institutions that provide high quality education in Southern Illinois,” Severin said.