September 15, 2016

College Relations

CARTERVILLE--High school seniors and college students that plan on applying for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2017-18 school year can start the application process on October 1 as opposed to the old date of January 1.

According to Sherry Summary, Director of Student Financial Assistance at John A. Logan College, the change was made to benefit students that start applying to colleges in the fall.  

“The FAFSA application date has always been on January 1 each year, after many students had already applied to college,” Summary said. “Now students will have more time to fill out the form, and they will know earlier how much they can expect from each school’s financial aid award package, which will help them decide where to apply. 

“All potential students who are thinking about college should submit the FAFSA by the end of November.  Students should submit the FAFSA even if they are undecided whether they are going to attend college or not.  Many deadline dates for grants and scholarships are based on the date of submission on the FAFSA application.”

In addition to moving up the application date, students will no longer enter tax information from the most recent year, but instead will enter in data from one year prior (2015) and import it directly from the IRS website.

The change will also have an effect on the deadline date for the Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant.  The Illinois Student Assistance Commission uses the initial FAFSA application date to determine eligibility.  Due to the possible lack of funds allocated for the MAP grant, it is recommended that all potential students complete the FASFA during the months of October and November for the 2017-2018 academic year.  

For more information regarding the FASFA application, contact the John A. Logan College Office of Student Financial Assistance at 618-985-2828, Ext. 8308.