May 18, 2016

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – The 21st Annual DeaFest hosted by John A. Logan College continues to grow in popularity throughout the region. Dozens of former students, their families, faculty members, and area residents gathered for the celebration.

Event organizer Sheri Cook said she was assisted by students within the Interpreter Preparation Program and American Sign Language Program.

“We invited a famous CODA (Child of Deaf Adult), Keith Wann, and a famous Deaf mime, J.J. Jones, to be a part of our DeaFest,” Cook said. “They led storytelling and miming workshops for the deaf children, as well as the JALC and SIUC students learning sign language.”

Cook said deaf and hard of hearing children and adults from central to Southern Illinois; Kentucky, and Missouri attended the gala. Many interpreters and interpreting students also attended.