May 10, 2016

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – A John A. Logan College art student has been asked to put together some illustrations for the author of a children’s book in the region.

The book is entitled, “Pete’s Pets,” and is the creation of author Pete Rask of Carterville. The student chosen to illustrate the book is JALC sophomore Marisa Davis. She was selected by her art instructor, Drew Tucker.

“It’s always a great pleasure to see students succeed and be able to help them move forward with their goals,” Tucker said. “When Pete Rask called to look for an illustrator for his children’s books, Marisa immediately came to mind, not only for the style she prefers to work in, but for her excellent work habits and interest in illustration as a career.”

Davis, who grew up in Marion but now resides in West Frankfort, said she is both honored to be chosen to do the work by her instructor and “excited” to create the illustrations.

“This is something I love to do, so it should be a fun experience,” she said. “It is also an opportunity to make a little money and get some exposure as an artist.”

Davis said she will provide illustrations on an as-needed basis for what could be a series of children’s books.

“They’re basically for beginning readers, so that’s how I will gear my drawings,” she said.

Davis, who plans to major in art at a four-year school, is the daughter of Rebecca Caraker, a library clerk at the college, and Curtis Davis. She has four siblings.