March 31, 2016

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – Over two dozen winners have been announced from the 37th Annual High School Writing Contest hosted by John A. Logan College earlier this month.

Following is a breakdown of the categories and winners:

Personal Essays: Keagan Schlosser-Carbondale (First); Sara Pitafi-Carbondale (Second); Jaden Lucas-Carbondale (Third); Amber Miller-Marion (Judge’s Preference); and Austin Eichhorn-Marion (Judge’s Preference).

Research Essays: Josie Brown-Carbondale (First); Ananth Panchamukhi-Carbondale (Second); Elsbeth Sanders-Carbondale (Third); Sequoyah Lopez-Carbondale (Judge’s Preference); and Eric Dollinger-Carbondale (Judge’s Preference).

Song Lyrics: Tajai Taylor-Carbondale (First); Jordan Moore-Herrin (Second); and Mikolas Buila-Carbondale (Third).

Drama: Alyssa Wyatt-Herrin (First); Rachael Vargas-Carbondale (Second); Taylor Bloodworth-Herrin (Third); Amber Miller-Marion (Judge’s Preference); Logan Becker-Johnston City (Judge’s Preference); and Amelia Anderson-Johnston City (Judge’s Preference).

Poetry: Mercedes Goff-Marion (First); Rea Yoh-Carbondale (Second); John Hafford-Marion (Third); Brian dale Williams II-Johnston City (Judge’s Preference); and Kate Forer-Carbondale (Judge’s Preference).

Fiction: Natalie Rendleman-Carbondale (First); Sam Sikon-Carbondale (Second); Grace Oberg-Carbondale (Third); Shruti Kumar-Carbondale (Judge’s Preference); and Krist Pregraebe-Carbondale (Judge’s Preference).

Judging the competiton were: Bruce Appleby, Nikki Borrenpohl, David Evans, Ken Gilbert, Chelsey Harris, Barb James, Maria Romasco Moore, Rachel Parrish, Robyn Stevens, and Michele Vargas.

Kylie Followell of Johnston City won a $500 scholarship for an essay she wrote.