October 22, 2015

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – Students can learn everything they want to know about John A. Logan College at an event sponsored by Upsilon Pi, the college’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for community colleges.  “Logan Lowdown: Eliminating Uncertainties” will be held on Thursday, Oct. 29 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on the Carterville campus.

“Logan Lowdown is an opportunity for all students, current and prospective, including high school and home schooled students, to come to John A. Logan and learn about what the college offers,” said Brandi Husch of Johnston City, a member of Phi Theta Kappa and lead organizer of the event.  “They’ll get a chance to have face-to-face contact with some of our instructors.  This will allow them to ask questions, find out what certain classes entail, and if those classes are right for them. 

“We’ll have sessions about online learning, using the library, and the different types of support services available to help students,” Husch continued.  “We’ll also let them know about all the clubs on campus and how they can get involved in extracurricular activities.” 

Husch believes the event not only promotes awareness about the college but also contributes to student success.

“Having this information will help students feel more confident when they walk into class that first day,” Husch said.  “They’ll know what is expected of them and where they can get assistance if they need it.  If students are more prepared and informed when they start school, they are more likely to be successful.  And research shows that students who get involved in a club or activity on campus are more likely to succeed in completing their degrees or certificates on time.”   

Adrienne Barkley Giffin, director of student activities and cultural events at JALC, is the advisor for the college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter.

“Brandi and the other students have done a great job planning and coordinating this event,” Giffin said. “It is designed to foster more interest in people who are considering attending Logan and also help the current students here become more active and engaged in campus life.”

Husch said she is looking for a good turnout.

“This is the second time we’re hosting the ’Logan Lowdown,’” Husch said.  “We had the first one last spring and got positive feedback from those who attended.  We would like to continue having it in the future, and we hope a lot of people come to find out about the wide variety of courses Logan offers and learn more about the many aspects of college life.”  

For more information “Logan Lowdown: Eliminating Uncertainties,” contact Giffin at adriennebarkleygiffin@jalc.edu or 618-985-2828 Ext. 8287.


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