April 24, 2015

Logan Meia Services

CARTERVILLE - John A. Logan College will present "Nunsense," a popular musical-comedy about the Little Sisters of Hoboken who discover that their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, has accidentally poisoned 52 of their fellow sisters, and they must find a way to raise money to pay for their burials. 

Two evening performances are set for Friday, May 8 and Saturday, May 9 at 7 p.m. and an afternoon performance will be on Sunday, May 10 at 2 p.m.  They will be held in Logan’s O’Neil Auditorium, and tickets for the shows are $12 for general admission and $7 for JALC students and children 12 and under.

"'Nunsense' is 100 percent a comedy.  It’s very entertaining and filled with lots of laughs,” said Nathan Arnett, a music instructor at Logan who is directing the production.  “The five surviving nuns decide to raise the money they need by putting on a variety show.  The audience will be shown samples of what they’ve prepared for that show.”

Arnett said he was drawn to the show’s lighthearted storyline and small cast.

“One thing that makes 'Nunsense' unique and challenging is that the weight of the show sits on the shoulders of five female leads,” Arnett said.  “It’s an incredibly small cast and offers the performers a great opportunity to showcase their abilities.  The actresses in our show are excellent and are doing a wonderful job portraying their roles.  They are all vocally able, and act and dance really well.  It’s impressive to see these five ladies pull together and create this outstanding production.”        

Veteran performer and director Pam Kimball, a part-time theater and speech instructor at Logan, who recently retired from teaching at Benton High School, plays Reverend Mother Regina in the show.   

“I’ve performed in 'Nunsense' twice before, and I think it’s one of the funniest musicals there is,” Kimball said.  “My character is the Mother Superior, and she’s a lot of fun to play.  She’s kind of like the glue that holds everyone together.  She’s also a former circus performer.  Her family had a hire-wire act, and there’s still a little part of her that wants to be in the spotlight up on that tightrope.”   

The other cast members include Keisha Rafe who plays Sister Mary Hubert, Lori Ellis as Sister Robert Anne, Aubrianna Rathunde as Sister Mary Amnesia, and Hannah Borowitz as Sister Mary Leo. 

“All of the actresses are so talented and doing a superb job,” Kimball said.  “I’ve worked with Lori and Hannah in the past and it’s nice to be on stage with them again.  With just five people in the show, we’ve formed a very cohesive bond and are having a great time working together.  Nathan is an outstanding director who makes rehearsals a lot fun.” 

Kimball believes the show will appeal to a wide audience. 

“‘Nunsense’ is hilarious, but it also has a few touching moments,” Kimball said.  “There’s some fun interaction with the audience and great song-and-dance numbers.  I hope a lot of people come out and see it.  I think audiences young and old will really enjoy it.”

For more information about “Nunsense” or to order advance tickets, contact the Office of Student Activities and Cultural Events at JALC at 618-985-2828 or 618-457-7676, Ext. 8287.


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