May 7, 2014

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE The accomplishments made by John A. Logan College’s TRiO students throughout the year were honored Monday when the Student Success Center held its fourth annual TRiO Student Spotlight Ceremony.  The event took place at the Robert L. Mees Village Centre on Logan’s Carterville campus.

“We think it’s important to have this ceremony to acknowledge our students’ hard work and achievements,” said Carolyn Gallegly, director of the Student Success Center at JALC.  “It was well attended, and the students seemed to really enjoy themselves.  It was a good opportunity for them to get together and support each other’s success.”

The students earned recognition for achievements in the following categories: President’s List (4.0 GPA), Vice President’s List (3.5 GPA and above), TRiO Foundation Scholarships, TRiO Grant Aid, JALC Foundation Scholarships, and TRiO tuition waivers.  This year’s graduates received a congratulatory card and a TRiO lapel pin.

“Out of the 200 students we serve, we had 59 who earned some kind of scholarship or grant aid this year,” Gallegly said.  “We also had 19 students who made the President’s List and 33 who made the Vice President’s List as well as 26 students who are graduating.  Those numbers show that the students are succeeding at a high rate, which is something to celebrate.  Events like this one give the students a sense of camaraderie and remind them they are part of a program that supports and honors scholarship and academic pursuits.” 

TRiO is a federal program designed to improve educational opportunities and increase the college retention and graduation rates of first-generation, low-income, and/or disabled college students. 

Samantha Taylor of Herrin, a nursing student at the college, was recognized at the ceremony.

“The ceremony was really nice, and I appreciate the Student Success Center staff taking the time to recognize me and the other students in this way,” Taylor said.  “The TRiO program has been very beneficial to me.  I’ve used the tutoring services to help me in classes, and my TRiO mentor, Angie Calcaterra, has been great.  She is always available for me to talk to about school issues or personal matters and is very supportive.”  

JALC President Dr. Michael Dreith spoke at the ceremony.  He extended his congratulations to the students for their achievements and encouraged them to continue pursuing their academic goals. 

For information about JALC’s TRiO Program, contact the Student Success Center at 618-985-2828 or 618-457-7676, Ext. 8289.