February 27, 2014

Steve O'Keefe
Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – An eventful John A. Logan College Board of Trustees meeting was capped off with the surprise announcement that Vice President for Administration Dr. Tim Daugherty and Vice President for Instructional Services Dr. Deborah Payne will retire on May 30.

Daugherty became Vice President at JALC in 2009 after serving in several administrative positions, including the dean of student affairs at Southeastern Illinois College.  Payne came to the college after a long and distinguished career as a teacher and administrator in Herrin.  Prior to being named the chief academic officer in 2012, Payne served as the college’s dean of instruction for 13 years.

In other news, the board accepted the Finance Committee’s tuition proposal for fiscal years 2015 and 2016.  The recommendation stated that tuition shall be increased by the previous year’s consumer price index, rounded to the nearest whole dollar.  Based upon a 1.14 percent CPI, tuition for 2015 will increase $2 bringing the college’s tuition rate for the 2014-2015 school year to $99 per semester hour.

According to Vice President for College Facilities Brad McCormick, tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year could increase by the same rate.

“While we do not know what next year’s CPI is going to be, you will at least be improving the methodology to establish tuition for the next academic year,” McCormick said.  “With no tuition increase this past year, along with decreased state revenue from lower credit hour output, and with no indication of an increase in property tax revenue, there is a need for a tuition increase.  This increase will provide $150,000 in additional revenue.”

McCormick added that he felt comfortable with using the CPI to determine any future increase.

“Based on the last three CPIs of 1.14 percent, 1.5 percent, and 1.37 percent, I feel comfortable that we can assure students that any increase will be low,” McCormick said.

The board also approved two recommendations of the Athletic Advisory Committee and the Finance Committee in regards to athletic recruiting and budgeting.  Trustees Mike Hopkins and Don Brewer reported that the Athletic Advisory Committee had completed a Title IX study that showed the College is in compliance with Title IX.  They said that a report completed by Dr. Charlotte West, professor emerita and former associate athletic director at SIU, had been reviewed and that the administration and the athletic department were currently working on her recommendations to make the college one of only a few institutions that are fully compliant.

The board also approved a recommendation by the committee to strongly encourage the recruitment of athletes from the southern Illinois area and that coaches will be required to document the recruitment of area athletes and report back to the advisory committee.  Committee had also recommended that the athletic department no longer recruit international athletes.  The board opted to take no action on that recommendation based upon recent changes to NJCAA policy regarding the recruitment of international athletes.

The board also approved a recommendation of the Finance Committee regarding athletic department budgeting. Trustee Cheryl Graff said that the intention of the Finance Committee was to ensure that the college is not consuming resources that should be used on educational program.  To accomplish this the committee recommended that in order to prevent athletic spending from becoming disproportioned from total college expenditures that the athletic budget not increase over 3.5 percent over the average of the last three years, excluding tuition and fee waivers.

McCormick added that the intention of this is to provide a ceiling for future budgets.

“This doesn’t mean that we are going to increase the budget by this amount, but it clearly states that we will never go over that amount,” McCormick said.  “What this does in a public manor is state that this part of the college will not grow in a disproportioned amount compared to the rest of the college.”

The board also approved the hire of Cindy Johnson to the newly established position of dean for institutional effectiveness.  No other personnel actions were available at press time pending the notification of finalists.