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Biology Instructor Full-Time (Tenure Track) Fall 2024

Job Type: Faculty


John A. Logan College is seeking applicants for a full-time, tenure-track position in Biology—Anatomy & Physiology to begin Fall 2024. The College seeks a dedicated instructor who fosters and promotes a collegial atmosphere and places student learning and success as top priorities.  Successful candidates will be responsible for teaching a variety of biology courses offered at the College and developing additional courses as needed.

Faculty are covered under an academic year contract that consists of a fall and spring semester. Faculty are required to teach a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester and serve eight office hours per week for student consultation in fall and spring semesters. Additional teaching opportunities with compensation may be available in the summer semester. Faculty must be available to teach classes during the day, evenings, and/or weekends as determined by the schedule of classes. Full-time faculty are provided private offices and have access to excellent support services. 

Essential Functions and Responsibilities 

Each full-time teaching faculty member covered by this Agreement shall have the duty and the responsibility to:

  • Provide instruction at scheduled class times, as assigned by the Administration.
  • Be available on campus during scheduled final exams. +
  • Post and maintain (8) office hours each week. If a faculty member teaches two or more classes with a lab component, office hours may be reduced by (1) hour each week. Office hours should be served in the faculty’s office or other designated location on campus. All office hours should be included on the Office and Teaching Schedule and the course syllabi.
  • Attend* scheduled department meetings.
  • Use the College’s LMS to document student attendance, grades, course materials, etc., and utilize it to continue instruction in case of emergency or College closures.
  • Serve on and attend* various standing and ad hoc committees and task forces.
  • Represent the College’s Core Values.
  • Assist in the creation and achievement of strategic goals and tactics for the College.
  • Observe, support, and enforce the regulations and policies of the College, consistent with his/her rights as a private citizen.
  • Assist in the promotion of student activities and clubs, as well as voluntarily sponsor clubs.
  • Participate in the development, implementation, and documentation of appropriate assessment activities. Utilize assessment results to improve teaching and learning in the classroom.
  • Assist in the recruitment of students.
  • Assist in the design and development of curriculum, including designing program improvement activities and program reviews.
  • Maintain personal and master syllabi in accordance with current guidelines.
  • Prepare textbook recommendations and submit those as needed each semester.
  • Assist in activities related to maintaining ICCB and HLC guidelines, including program review and evidence collection.
  • Complete professional development activities prescribed by the College. Activities may include Vector Training (up to a maximum of ten hours per academic year unless required by an accrediting body), training sessions on campus, conferences &/or training occurring off campus, or a combination of the above. One day of mandatory professional development will occur prior to the start of each spring semester. Faculty are expected to attend and must use vacation or sick time if unable to attend. In addition, some training must be made up in an alternate format. If faculty make up training, the time off will be credited back. In addition, Professional Development opportunities offered periodically throughout the semester will be optional.
  • Attend convocation days in Fall, as outlined in Section 3.3-3 Faculty must use vacation or sick time if unable to attend.
  • Attend commencement.
  • Strive to substitute for colleagues.
  • Assist with the administration of proficiency exams.
  • Fulfill all terms of this contract unless, through mutual agreement between the College and the individual, an exception is arranged.

*Failure to meet these obligations may result in the creation of a remediation plan and a corrective action plan.

*Flexibility in scheduling does NOT excuse attendance at required department meetings, committee or taskforce meetings, or other related duties. Failure to attend may necessitate the use of vacation or sick time.

+Pre-arranged exceptions may be possible for classes taught off campus and must be approved by the Provost.

Required Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in biological science or related field of life science.
  • Successful candidates must demonstrate proficient use of instructional technology, including online course development and delivery.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Post-secondary teaching experience in biology is preferred.

Deadline to Apply: Open until filled

Type of Position: Full-time; Faculty 

Hours: Varied 

Salary: Per Union Contract

Complete a John A. Logan College faculty application. 

You may contact us at 618-985-2828 Ext. 8273 or email

John A. Logan College
Attn: Office of Human Resources (C116)
700 Logan College Drive
Carterville, IL 62918