Grants and Program Initiatives

Grants and Program Initiatives

Grants and Program Initiatives

Step 1: Share Your Idea

Step 2: Evaluate Potential for Funding

              -Answer the question “What is the problem I’m solving?”

              -“I need xyz to improve instruction methods, improve student outcomes…”

Step 3: Identify Potential Funding Sources

              –Grant funding resources

-Funding sources could be JALC foundation to local, state, federal, or private external foundation dollars.

Step 4: Review solicitations

Step 1: Complete and submit Intent to Apply (access form here.)

Step 2: Identify your grant writing team and identify the Principal Investigator (PI)

Step 3: Developing narrative, gathering and analyzing data, creating a budget, develop a timeline

Step 4: Submit the Application Approval Form (access form here.)

Step 5: Once approved, Submit Your Proposal

Step 1: Complete and Submit Award Decision Form (access form here.)

Step 2a: Manage the Award or

Step 2b: Review Critiques and Reapply

Who to Contact

Tammy Gwaltney – Associate Director of Grants & Program Initiatives
Phone: (618) 985-2828 Extension: 8300