Grants and Program Initiatives – Ver 2

Since 2017, JALC has received over $14,000,000 in federal and state funding, including grant funding, congressionally directed spending, and COVID-19 response and relief funds. These have allowed for the expansion of academic related programs, as well as improvements to JALC facilities.

  • Identify funding opportunities.
  • Proposal development and submission.
  • Facilitate program roll-out and sustainability
  • Gather and interpret program data
  • Collaborate with various departments including information technology, office of institutional research, academic affairs, and more.

Tammy Gwaltney – Associate Director of Grants & Program Initiatives
Phone: (618) 985-2828 Extension: 8300

  • IGEN lighting upgrades
  • ICCB Coreq.
  • Adult Education and Volunteer Literacy Services
  • Solar Energy Education for HVAC and Construction Students

Coming Soon!

  • Grant Approval Forms
  • Table of Common Grant Numbers
  • Grants Manual
  • Cost Allocation Plan
  • List of sponsored occupations
  • Description of the apprenticeship program
  • Links to resources including