Gallery F4

ELT Does Artificial Intelligence Art

2nd year Computer Support and Electronics enrolled in the Internet of Things class were challenged to research various Artificial Intelligence engines that produce graphics from text. The “engines” they used ranged from complex programs tapping into Google’s shared super computers and GPUs to apps used on popular cell phones. Many of the results were terrible and showed how problematic the technology is. Yet other results were astounding, even if they didn’t produce the exact intended result. What you see here are the best results as voted on by a select group of Graphic Design students and JALC staff. Brandon Johnson’s Graphic Design students printed all pieces with their Roland production printer and mounted them to the art boards you see.

View each piece of art with the title and name of the author.

Check out Computer Support & Networking or Electronics Technology to learn more about this and many other interesting late-breaking technologies, or contact Applied Technologies department chair Rob Craig

Additional Information About AI Generated Art