This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Q & A About Cleaning Protocol

Q & A About Cleaning Protocol

What are the cleaning protocols being used?

JALC will be following the guidance provided by IDPH for schools and Colleges in reference to the Covid 19 pandemic

Will cleanings occur between classes?

As per the IDPH guidelines, high touch points, restrooms, and skin contact surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the school day.  The College has transitioned to 2 full time custodians during peak day time hours to provide cleaning services through the day.  Whenever possible, high use areas will be cleaned between classes, however, this will be limited to custodial staffing levels.

Deep cleaning will continue to occur during the evening hours each school day.

Is the building being cleaned differently than before COVID?

Yes. Past standard practice in the custodial services of public facilities, including schools, has been to limit the use of disinfectants to high touch cross contamination areas and surfaces.  This was due to a concern of creating a class of “super bacteria/viruses” that would build an immunity to standard disinfectants.  During disease outbreaks, including the current COVID pandemic, the College increases the use of disinfectants to additional surfaces.

Are there disinfecting wipes available?

The college will have “gym wipes” available for hard surfaces and objects more sensitive to moisture.   Other surface will be cleaned using non-aerosol spray disinfectants and disposable wipes.  Many rooms on the campus have already been provided with disinfectant supplies.   Supplies will be furnished upon request to identified areas not already equipped.  To request a room be furnished contact Facility Services at 8624.

Am I supposed to clean the room?

No.  Our custodians will be cleaning all areas as required.

Can I clean the room?

Yes.  Generally, custodians will clean every area at minimum daily.  As an additional precaution, should you desire, those classroom and public office areas that have high contact surfaces or are readily contaminated during peak usage may be cleaned using the provided wipes or disinfectants.   Additionally, personal items and high contact surfaces in private office space may be serviced by the occupant should it be desirable. To request supplies contact Facility Services at 8624.

Can I clean keyboards with disinfecting wipes?

The IT department will be issuing guidelines for keyboards and electronic equipment.

Who do I contact if I want to request cleaning supplies (or PPEs) for an area?

Facility Services at 8624

Are the rooms sanitized in a different manner if we have a known positive case of COVID?

Yes.  The College has on order from our supplier electrostatic sprayers designed for the improved distribution of disinfectants to surfaces.  These applicators will be used in areas deemed to be at higher risk.  Until these units are received, aerosol application of disinfectant will be utilized to ensure a broader coverage of all areas along with standard cleaning procedures.

“But, I heard that …………”.

As the virus mutates and/or science gains more understanding for best practices there are unanswered questions and recommended practices change regularly.  The JALC Facility Services Department will continue to monitor cleaning protocols as they evolve.

There is an abundance of information being disseminated on various sites concerning best cleaning and preventative practices related to the pandemic.  Some information is just wrong.  JALC will rely on the CDC and IDPH for the best practices guidance in cleaning and protection protocols.

Just as in the residential market, some cleaning and disinfecting supplies are available on a very limited basis or not at all.  In every instance JALC has a cleaning product available, at this time, to meet the need required to provide a safe campus by utilizing just as effective alternative products.   This is a situation we are monitoring closely.

We are all in this together.

Even the best preventative measures will be limited if personal precautions are not adhered to.  Both the CDC and IDPH recognize the preventative effectiveness of washing one’s hands often, practicing social distancing and wearing a face mask for your and other’s protection. Questions or comments about JALC custodial services can be forwarded to