Health Screening Process

Health Screening Process

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The college is implementing a single, drive-thru health screening process beginning Monday, August 10th.  Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) is providing training, PPE, thermal temperature scanning equipment and supplies, including facemasks for those that do not display them upon entry to the health screening tent.  SIH will support the screening center with SIH staff during high traffic times as is possible given their resource availability.  College employees, students and members of the public will be required to pass through the screening daily prior to being allowed to enter the campus.  Persons failing the screening will be provided appropriate direction as to their responsibilities following a failed screening, but will not be allowed to enter the campus.  Once successfully screened, a dated “sticker” will be provided and must be displayed on the person’s clothing.  Those not displaying the required sticker will be required to leave the campus.  In addition, as is the case presently, face masks will be required in all public spaces.  Masking is not required in private offices when able to social distance.  

The Campus Police and Facilities Departments will be working to coordinate the placement of the drive-thru tent over the weekend and to install signage and traffic barriers to direct incoming traffic through the health screening tent.  All inbound traffic will be required to enter the campus from the west via Greenbriar Road.  Outbound traffic will exit campus to the east along the frontage road adjacent to Kamper’s Supply.

The operational hours of the screening tent will be 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday – Thursday and 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Friday.  Logan Fitness patrons arriving outside of those hours will be screened at Logan Fitness.  Those arriving on campus outside these hours, other than Logan Fitness patrons, are asked to follow the same restrictions for entry as others, but on a self-check basis.  This single point health screening process has replaced earlier plans for multiple building entry point screening in order to address concerns of persons entering facilities via other entry points.  This single point, drive-thru screening process has been successfully implemented in other high traffic environments, will require fewer personnel and provide all of us the safest environment possible.  Please cooperate with the process and the screeners and demonstrate the greatest patience possible.  If you have interest in assisting as a screener, please contact Campus Police.    This is going to be a big project and we will surely need additional help.  A training video has been prepared by SIH for use in continued training after the initial face-to-face training has concluded.


As our screeners and supervisors have worked through the screening process for a couple of days and received questions, I want to provide some follow-up information relative to the drive-thru screening process.  I will approach this in a Q&A format below, but first want to provide some general information.  We are very concerned about the safety of those performing the screening for us.  As told by SIH, no one serving as a screener for SIH at its’ medical locations or contracted screening locations acquired COVID-19.  We are much more concerned about keeping our screeners safe from automobiles than we are from COVID-19.  I am told by Campus Police that we, the employees, are coming into the screening area much too fast.  This is why we have stationed officers in the area before reaching the screening location.  Speed bumps are likely going to be installed soon to help slow traffic down before reaching the tent.  The screening is now taking only 10 seconds per person.  You don’t have to be in a hurry, so let’s all    S   L  O  W      D  O  W  N!

Common Questions & Answers

Q: What doors to the campus will employees and students be allowed enter?

A: Primary entry doors will be unlocked.  All other doors are expected to remain locked, though egress will still be possible due to fire code requirements.  For this purpose, “Primary doors” are defined as double-door entries.  If the door is a single door, it is not designed for high traffic entry or exit and would not meet the definition of primary door.  There will be some exceptions, but those will be few and will only occur when there is not a door within reasonable distance that meets the primary door definition.  An acceptable example would be a handicap accessible entrance where there is not a double-door entry nearby.  These exceptions will be approved only by Campus Police.  Please remember there are times when the drive-thru screening tent will not be operating and our facility staff are striving to have signage at campus entry points consistent with the screening protocol in the drive-thru tent.

Q: If a student or employee loses the dated sticker, how does s/he get it replaced?

A: We are not requiring people to return to the tent to be screened again.  Health screening for the purpose of replacement stickers will be available beginning Wednesday, August 12th, at the Campus Police service window near the “East Entrance” by the coffee shop and at the “West Entrance” at the information desk.  The same screening protocol will be followed at these two locations.

Q: Are students on public transportation buses being screened?

A: College representatives are working with RIDES Mass Transit to reach an agreeable solution for screening persons.  Riders entering our campus will be screened, but we are working with RIDES to determine the most efficient means of screening.  Coming via mass transit is not a pass on screening, though the screening might be performed by RIDES or at the Campus Police service window upon arrival.

Q: Why is traffic being routed around the campus?  I am having to drive the long way to my office.

A: Campus Police and the Facilities Departments have determined what they believe to be the safest routing of traffic to accommodate our one-way in and one-way out process.  There may be changes over the weeks to come, but for now, it is what it is.  Safety is the first priority and time spent getting to a parking place is much further down the list of concerns.

Q: If I have a suggestion or concern, how is that communicated so it gets considered?

A: In these early days, I (Brad McCormick) am meeting daily with facility managers and the chief of police to discuss improvements to be made and problems to be addressed in the screening process.  Employees are to communicate concerns and suggestions through their appropriate chain of command.  Dr. Melanie Pecord and President House communicate daily me regarding what they are hearing from employees and those comments will continue to be considered.

Q: How long is the drive-thru screening going to last?

A: The college is prepared to continue drive-thru screening until Thanksgiving Break.  At that time, we do not anticipate continuing through the remainder of the fall semester as student presence will be much lower with classes moving to online after the break.  It is too early to say what will be occurring for Spring 2121.