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March 20, 2020

Pursuant to the Governor’s announcement made on March 20, 2020, for all people in Illinois to stay at home, the following action is being taken. 

Effective immediately, the following directives will be initiated.  The suspension of services on campus will be considered Campus Closure days.  Everyone will be paid even if you are not working.  If you work, your pay will be determined by your contractual agreement with the College.  The Business Office will put out a statement regarding time clock requirements.

During the suspension of services on campus, a very small number of employees may be assigned to work.  You will be notified by your supervisor if you are to work.  Entrance to the building will be limited to the west entrance (Bell Tower) and the east entrance (Coffee Shop).  Only administrative staff and those assigned to work by administrative staff will be allowed to enter.  Anyone who enters the building must notify Campus Police at 8218.   

Online instruction will continue.  Instruction will be supported by IT and Administration remotely.

During this suspension of services, be smart.  The purpose of the suspension of services on campus is to reduce exposure to the virus.  Reducing exposure away from work is your responsibility.  Reducing exposure can best be accomplished at home and staying away from people.

Ron House, Ph.D.