The Communication, Humanities, and Social Science Department prepares students to think clearly and critically so they can make informed decisions in their private and professional lives.  It teaches them to participate effectively in the entire communication process (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).  The study of literature prepares students to clarify their own values while developing an understanding of others’ beliefs and an aesthetic awareness of life. 

In the Humanities area the College strives to expand students’ awareness of, and sensitivity to, the human condition.  By examining human needs, values, and achievements through the study of art, communication, languages, music, theater, and philosophy, students develop insights, critical thinking skills, and practical applications necessary for private and professional goals.  The humanities help students define who they are and who they may become. 

In the Social Science area, the College prepares students to understand the relationships between the individual and society, the process of human social evolution, and the institutions of complex societies.  Students who major in the social sciences read primary and secondary sources in the social sciences, demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts, models, and theories of the social sciences, and use the basic analytical methods and techniques of the social sciences.  Students develop a critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of social science and an appreciation and understanding of human social and cultural diversity.