AutumnFest is an annual juried event for handcrafted arts, crafts, and specialty foods. It is held on the second full weekend of each November at John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinois. Annual attendance is approximately 8,000.

Application Deadline: July 31, 2019

Waiting List: Apply August 1 – October 31, 2019

44th Annual AutumnFest
Saturday, November 9, 2019: 9AM - 4PM
Sunday, November 10, 2019: 10AM - 4PM

Application Materials

  • To apply, read all information on this page, then click AUTUMNFEST APPLICATION at the bottom of the page.
  • Applications will only be accepted online using the link below; we do not mail the application form.
  • Applicants must submit photographs before an application is considered complete. At least two photographs must show the product. At least one photograph showing the booth setup and one showing the applicant in the process of creating the product are also preferred. Applicants sharing a booth space must each submit their own photographs. An additional photograph showing their combined booth setup is also preferred. Photographs from all applicants will be kept on file.
  • Applicants who were in the 2005 - 2018 shows do not need to re-submit photographs unless they are hoping to bring a different product (i.e. used to make quilts, now make bird houses) or wish to update their application. Descriptive product information and quality photographs are viewed more favorably during the jurying process than vague product descriptions or blurry, dark pictures. Photographs may be used for advertising purposes and will not be returned. Include applicant’s name on all photographs.
    Photographs may be emailed to or mailed to:
    Student Activities & Cultural Events
    Attention: AutumnFest
    John A. Logan College
    700 Logan College Road
    Carterville, IL 62918

COMPLETED APPLICATIONS: Applications will be considered complete upon receipt of photos or verification that photos are on file. Notifications will be emailed to all applicants who apply by the deadline.

WAITING LIST: Applications will be accepted after the deadline; however, they will be placed on the waiting list. Waiting list applications will be considered as vacancies occur until November 1. Only those waiting list applicants who are accepted into the show will be contacted; we will not send application status notifications to waiting list applicants who are not accepted into the show.

Requirements and Limitations

  • Only original, handcrafted arts and crafts by original artists will be included in the show. Handcrafted means that the exhibitor(s) created the item personally in their own shop/home. Original means using materials that were significantly transformed.
  • Food applications may also be submitted.
  • Exhibitors may not invite others to display or sell in their booth. Only the business and exhibitor(s) listed on the application may exhibit in the booth.
  • Only a limited number of double booths are available. The show coordinator reserves the right to determine which exhibitors will be allowed a double booth.

Important Dates

  • Application deadline: July 31
  • Acceptance notification: September 3
  • Booth fee deadline: October 1
  • Do not include booth fee with application.

Booth Information

  • Booths measurements: 6 feet deep by 12 feet wide per booth space
  • Exhibits must fit within the booth space.
  • One 8-foot by 30-inch table and two chairs will be provided per booth upon request.
  • Access to electricity will be available at every booth. Exhibitors should bring a 25’ extension cord. Electrical wattage is for displays (i.e. lighting or to plug in your product). If you need more wattage please describe your needs in the “Notes” space below.
  • Lighting varies throughout the building. Exhibitors with detailed lighting needs should plan to bring their own display lighting.
  • Open flame is prohibited.

Booth Fees (Do not include fee with application.)

  • $130 Single Booth Inside or Outside (includes food booths)
  • $260 Double Booth Inside (includes food booths) Double booths are subject to show coordinator’s approval.
  • Food exhibitors must comply with College guidelines and with Health Department guidelines available at (618) 993-8111 Ext. 205.

Important Notes

  • All correspondence, including acceptance notification, is by email; we will not send correspondence by postal mail.
  • Exhibitors must not expect to be in the same location each year.
  • Food service will be available in the College cafeteria during show hours. As this is a well-attended event, lines may be long.
  • Exhibitors are not permitted to create a Facebook “event” but are encouraged to share the official “event” from John A. Logan College’s Facebook page.
  • Security will be provided from 4:30 PM on Friday through 5:00 PM on Sunday. However, exhibitors participate at their own risk. John A. Logan College is not responsible for damage, theft, or loss.
  • Exhibits must remain in place during the entire show. Early tear down is prohibited.
  • The College offers WiFi internet throughout the building to students. Exhibitors may access the guest network subject to availability, at their own risk, with the following in mind:
    • Exhibitors will need to create a guest account. They will need to be able to receive a text on a mobile phone to do so.
    • The network is unsecured. This means anyone can access the network, even with the intent of identity theft.
    • Exhibitors who wish to use the JALC WiFi to process customer payments will need to be PCI compliant. Be aware that PCI applies to every exhibitor who “stores, processes, or submits” credit/debit card information. For more information on PCI, please visit:
    • Additionally, exhibitors need to ensure that third party credit card processors/vendors they use have an https:// address. Please note the ‘s’, which signals that the website is secure.

Event Schedule

  • Show hours are 9 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and 10 AM to 4 PM on Sunday.
  • Friday setup hours are to be determined (usually 5 PM to 8 PM) and Saturday setup hours are 7 AM to 8:30 AM.
  • Exhibitors must be in their booths by 8:45 AM on Saturday and 9:45 AM on Sunday.



Call: 618-985-2828 extension 8416

Click here to access the AUTUMNFEST APPLICATION