In order to maintain a positive virtual classroom, we all need to follow the netiquette guidelines summarized below. All students are expected to:

  • show respect for the instructor and for other students in the class
  • respect the privacy of other students
  • express differences of opinion in a polite and rational way
  • maintain an environment of constructive criticism when commenting on textual information, image postings, and critiques
  • complete all assignments on time
  • work cooperatively with other students on assignments that require collaboration, even when differences of opinion arise
  • avoid bringing up irrelevant topics when involved in group discussions or other collaborative activities

The following list summarizes the kind of behavior that will not be tolerated. Each item listed below may be grounds for removal from the class.

Students should not

  • Show disrespect for the instructor or for other students in the class
  • Send messages or comments that are threatening, harassing, or offensive
  • Use inappropriate or offensive language
  • Convey a hostile or confrontational tone when communicating or working with other students

If you feel that a student is violating any of the above guidelines orbehaving inappropriately in any way, contact your instructor to discuss the situation as soon as possible.