Always give an E-Mail message a title and place it on the "SUBJECT" line and give a little information about what the message is concerning. Be sure and put your name in your E-Mail.

When you send e-mail, please type the name of the class and the subject. This helps to organize and manage e-mail messages, which in turn helps the instructor respond to your messages more promptly.

Another reason to give your e-mail messages the title + class number + subject is that a virus can infect your computer and automatically send e- mail messages to everyone in your address book, giving the appearance that you have sent the messages. Using the same title for each e-mail message could help reduce the possibility of an e-mail virus spreading from your computer to someone else's computer.

When you send an e-mail message to anyone in the class--to anyone at all, for that matter--you should always include a brief summary of the content of your message in the subject line of the message.

Respond to E-Mail Messages Promptly

Responding promptly to e-mail messages is important. Instructors try to respond to e-mail messages within 24 hours, but situations may arise that cause it to take more than 24 hours to respond.

You should also try to respond promptly to all e-mail messages you receive   from other students in the class. If someone sends you an e-mail message, he or she is most likely anxiously awaiting your response.

Use, Don't Abuse, E-Mail

Unlike class discussions in Blackboard, which can be read by all students,   e-mail in the class is "private," between only the individuals listed. As the course progresses, you may find that there are certain individuals in the class whom you enjoy communicating with in this way, without the entire class able to eavesdrop on your conversations.

However, we need to make sure that no one receives unwanted e- mail messages from other students. If you receive unwanted messages, perhaps messages that you consider harassing, threatening, or offensive, please e-mail the instructor immediately.