January 25, 2017

CARTERVILLE — A great deal of positive news came out of the January meeting of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees.

“It’s going great.” Jean Ellen Boyd, retired dean of Instruction at Shawnee Community College in Ullin, was introduced to the board by Melanie Pecord, acting vice-president for Instructional Services, as a consultant for the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) current accreditation process. The HLC is currently considering the College’s reaffirmation of its accreditation. Pecord was asked how the effort was going. “It’s going great because we have Jean Ellen,” Pecord smiled, noting that Boyd’s past experience with the HLC process provides a great deal of knowledge in making progress with the effort.

“Good job.” Projected enrollment increase: While most community colleges across the state are expected to see a decrease in enrollment, College officials, based on 10-day numbers, are projecting an enrollment increase at John A. Logan College. Fall headcount appears to be up about 100 students over last fall, according to Pecord and Dean of Student Services Tim Williams. Dual credit enrollment is also projected to increase. Jacob “Jake” Rendleman, a member of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees and a member of the Illinois Community College Board, said, “Good job. John A. Logan College will be one of the few colleges in Illinois who will see an increase in fall enrollment.”

Foundation increases in value. The John A. Logan College Foundation saw an increase in value over the past year of a little over $300,000, according to Foundation officials. This allows the help more students with financial needs.

Poshard Foundation fundraiser. Glenn Poshard, co-founder of the Poshard Foundation and a member of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees, announced that the Poshard Foundation’s most recent fundraiser last December netted $112,000. “As many of you know, this Foundation was established on this campus under the leadership of Dr. Ray Hancock 17 years ago,” Poshard explained. Hancock and Poshard now both serve as trustees. Because of the Foundation’s success, it was able to serve over 1,800 abused and neglected children in Southern Illinois last year.

Not increasing taxes. Board of Trustees members Cheryl Graff and Poshard discussed the start of a procedure to sell $5.5 million in working cash fund bonds for the purpose of increasing the working cash fund at the College. Poshard called it a “prudent financial move” that “will not result in any tax increase for our citizens.” Dr. Ray Hancock called the decision “a great move. We need to use all the foresight that we can” due to the state’s continued failure to approve a budget.

Seeking Outstanding Alum. The John A. Logan College Foundation office is currently accepting nominations for the 2017 John A. Logan College Distinguished Alumnus Award.  The Distinguished Alumnus award is given annually to alum that have excelled with their John A. Logan College education.  The award criterion for the Distinguished Alumnus is as follows:

Outstanding success and distinction in chosen field • Humanitarian service that has proven greatly beneficial to society • Continued interest in and support of education and community colleges • Overcoming life's obstacles • Completion of a recognized program of instruction at an Illinois public community college.

Student involvement. Student Trustee Christine Lipe announced that John A. Logan College students had raised $6,800 that benefitted area children through the Angel Tree program. Lipe also noted that Feb. 9, 1826, was the birthdate of John A. Logan and that students are currently planning some festivities centered around his birthday to be held in the cafeteria.

Voted yes. Richard Deutsch announced that the John A. Logan College Faculty Association voted “yes” on a memorandum of understanding that allows full-time faculty in the areas of chemistry, nursing, and heating and air to teach up to 46 hours. Dr. Ron House, president of the College, thanked the association for the memorandum.

Stephen Constantine offered the term faculty report. In recognition of the needs of term faculty, the College will notify term faculty of class hours and assignments as soon as possible once the deadline for submission of the Teaching Request Form has passed for the semester.

Food drive will continue. Dr. House reported that the College determined there was no viable need for a College food pantry due to the number of food pantries in communities throughout the District. He did say, however, that the College would continue its annual food drive.

The Board authorized the termination of the existing natural gas contract for a new contract with EnerNOC.

The Board appointed Brad McCormick as identity theft risk prevention officer.

The Board approves the affiliation agreement with Southern Illinois University on behalf of its School of Social Work.

The Board approves renewal of the Desire2Learn learning management system and authorized payment for the fifth year of service totaling $119,417.32.