October 26, 2016

The John A. Logan College Foundation recently launched a new scholarship management system to help provide students with a streamlined tool to search and apply for scholarships. The software targets the 2017 general scholarship application process, which is open now.  The deadline for Spring 2017 scholarships is November 15th.  The deadline for Fall 2017 scholarships is February 1, 2017. 

The general application, which matches students with available scholarships, is now shorter, taking less time to complete. The AcademicWorks system also is better able to match students with scholarships pertaining to their specific major or other scholarship-based criteria. 

“Scholarships are essential to help JALC students further their education,” Shafer said. “Scholarships also help us attract high-quality students who are dedicated to their education. This new system will be easier and faster for students to use.”

AcademicWorks, a comprehensive, integrated scholarship management system, simplifies awarding scholarships and makes the process of applying for scholarships more user friendly for students.

Many of the scholarships are endowed by a donor, alumni or outside entity.  Some scholarships are funded annually.  The online AcademicWorks scholarship application provides hyperlinks where students will soon be able to click and learn more information about donors.  “Many scholarships have faces behind the funding, so the donor page provides a way for applicants to read about the people who make these funds available,” Shafer said.

Nightly updates in AcademicWorks provide further advantages. AcademicWorks integrates with the colleges Jenzabar system, which allows students to be matched more efficiently with scholarships.

The Jenzabar system stores information about students, including their majors. If a student changes his or her major, that information is entered into Jenzabar and is then automatically updated nightly in AcademicWorks. Since different majors allow for different scholarships, students might be eligible to receive scholarships based on the new major.

Students can apply online at https://jalc.academicworks.com/ if you have any questions call the Foundation office at 985-2828 ext. 8355.