February 16, 2016

College Relations

John A. Logan College’s Spring 2016 online enrollment of 2,520 is the second highest in school history, up 6.64 percent from Spring 2015. When asked why more people are taking classes through this less traditional method, the College’s Associate Dean for Education Technology, Krystal Reagan, said that it comes down to one word, “convenience.”

“Convenience is the obvious and probably the most popular reason, but convenience is more than just about learning online versus learning face-to-face,” Reagan said. “Convenience in online learning refers to the ability to control elements of your learning, such as when you want to learn (time of day), in what environment (home, work, outdoors), or for how long (somedays you can dedicate yourself to hours of learning and others 10 minutes).”

Regan said that online learning doesn't make students choose what's most important in their life.

For example, a student may have a child who has an activity the same time that a face-to-face class would meet. By taking an online course, the student would be able to be there for his or her family without having to sacrifice his/her educational goals.

Of the 2,520 students enrolled in online classes, 340 of them are enrolled in hybrid classes that mix traditional face-to-face learning with online learning.

“Hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds to students,” Reagan. “Students that need some face-to-face interaction, but also need the flexibility of an online class are finding great success in our hybrid classes.”

Online is not the only area that the College is seeing growth. A recent report showed that the College is up over 900 students from the fall semester a 29.5 percent increase.