February 8, 2016

Logan Media Services

CARTERVILLE – Over 100 students from 10 high schools in the John A. Logan College district competed Thursday in the 42nd Annual Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) meet at the college.

Claiming the team titles for their respective enrollment classes were Crab Orchard, Carterville and Carbondale.

Individual award winners are as follows:


Biology: David Taylor-Trico, first; Cayley Ryan-Trico, second; Emily Bauersachs-Trico, third.

Chemistry: Cassi Arnold-Crab Orchard and Blake Hensley-Trico, tied for first; Tyler Lavender-Trico and David Taylor-Trico, tied for second; Kara Bunselmeyer-Trico and Kaylee Baker-Crab Orchard, tied for third.

Computer Science: Cayley Ryan-Trico and Hunter Franklin-Crab Orchard, tied for first; Caleb Vaughn-Crab Orchard and Ellie Kuhlman-Trico, tied for second; Devin Beasley-Crab Orchard, third.

Engineering: Devin Beasley-Crab Orchard and James Barker-Trico, tied for first; Kristin Bunselmeyer-Trico, second; and Lacey Smith-Trico, third.

English: Bethany Throgmorton-Crab Orchard, first; Callie Vaughn-Crab Orchard, second; and Kara Bunselmeyer-Trico, third.

Math: Cassi Arnold-Crab Orchard, first; Carolyn Phoenix-Trico, second; and Landon Svodoba-Crab Orchard, third.

Physics: Kristin Bunselmeyer-Trico, Stephanie Scholz-Crab Orchard, and Lauren Pavelonis-Crab Orchard, tied for first; Hunter Franklin-Crab Orchard, second; Bailey Witthoft-Trico, third.

High Individual Scores: Cassi Arnold-Crab Orchard, first, and Kristin Bunselmeyer-Trico, second.


Biology: Randy Grider-Johnston City, first; Josh Thornton-Johnston City and Clay Fowler-Johnston City, tied for second; David Szoke-Murphysboro, third.

Chemistry: Harrison Thomas-Carterville, first; Avery English-Carterville, second; Rose Wright-Carterville, third.

Computer Science: Connor Bybee-Carterville, first; Charles Schroeder-Murphysboro, Dakota Bennett-Johnston City, and Sydney Cook-Murphysboro, tied for second; Ryan Kinnard-Carterville, third.

Engineering: Taylor Heil-Carterville, first; Alicia Dawson-Carterville, second; Chase Stanley-Johnston City, third.

English: Randy Grider-Johnston City, first; Rose Wright-Carterville, second; Elizabeth Drone-West Frankfort, third.

Math: Avery English-Carterville and Alex Bryan-Murphysboro, first; Brittany Clark-Du Quoin, Alaina Caldwell-Du Quoin, and Colin Wisinski-Murphysboro, tied for second; Clayton Selby-Johnston City, Connor Bybee-Carterville, Kyle Johnson-Johnston City, Josh Thornton-Johnston City, and Chase Stanley-Johnston City, tied for third.

Physics: Harrison Thomas-Carterville, first; Alexander Goffinet-Carterville, second; and Cole Brookhouse-West Frankfort, third.

High Individual Scores: Harrison Thomas-Carterville and Randy Grider-Johnston City, tied for first, and Avery English-Carterville, second.


Biology: Rea Yoh-Carbondale, first; William Brandenburg-Carbondale, second, and Jacob Rice-Marion, third.

Chemistry: C.J. Hirschi-Marion, first; Walter Shaw-Carbondale and Ryan Steele-Carbondale, tied for second; Chloe Baratta-Carbondale, third.

Computer Science: Andrew Burke-Carbondale, first; Krist Pregracke-Carbondale, second; and Cameron Kuan-Herrin, third.

Engineering: Austin Stallman-Herrin, first; Dylan Young-Herrin, second; and Taryn Vordtriede-Herrin, third.

English: Chloe Baratta-Carbondale, first; Gracie Collins-Herrin, second; Rea Yoh-Carbondale, third.

Math: Ryan Steele-Carbondale and Eric Dollinger-Carbondle, tied for first; Austin Stallman-Herrin, C.J. Hirschi-Marion, and Andrew Burke-Carbondale, tied for second; Walter Shaw-Carbondale, third.

Physics: Eric Dollinger-Carbondale, first; William Brandenburg-Carbondale, second; and Lexi Chrostoski-Herrin, third.

High Individual Scores: Eric Dollinger-Carbondale, first, and Andrew Burke-Carbondale, C.J. Hirschi-Marion, and Austin Stallman-Herrin, tied for second.