September 26, 2014

College Relations

John A. Logan College President Dr. Mike Dreith announced the results of a recent Illinois Community College Board Recognition at the September meeting of the John A. Logan College Board of Trustees. According to Dreith, the results show that some credit hours that were submitted for reimbursement by the College were no longer eligible for reimbursement as had been the case during the 2009 recognition visit.

“Last week, the Illinois Community College Board granted the College ‘Recognition Continued with Conditions’ after a focus visit this past June,” Dreith said, “The ICCB determined that some credit hours generated at the Community Health Education Center dating back to 2009 were no longer eligible for state funding, as had been the case prior to the last focus visit. This finding will result in diminished state funding,” he said. “As a result the College’s administration has begun to study options for a new business model to be used at the Community Health Education Center which will be presented to the Board of Trustees for consideration before the end of the calendar year.”

In other board news, longtime John A. Logan College Legal Counsel, John Huffman, announced his retirement at the College’s September Board of Trustees meeting. Huffman, who recently celebrated 50 years of practicing law, has been the College’s attorney since 1976. Dreith said that Huffman will be greatly missed.

Board Chairman Jake Rendleman stated that he was sad to see the longtime litigator retire, but he understood that it was time.

“We really hate to see John go, but we understand that after 50 years of practicing law and 36 years as our legal counsel that he is ready to retire. He has not only provided outstanding legal representation, but he has also provided knowledgeable advice on a number of issues,” Rendleman said. “There is probably not a more informed person in southern Illinois on labor law than John. He has truly been invaluable to the College.”

Dreith echoed Randleman’s sentiments.

“John has been a mentor and a friend to the College who has greatly contributed to the our continued success. I will miss him,” Dreith said.

Vice Chair, Jackie Hancock reported that the Illinois Community College Trustees Association has begun plans to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Illinois Community College Act in 2015.

“Our goal is to market statewide the positive impact that Illinois community colleges have had on our society over the past 50 years,” Hancock said.

Trustee John Sanders reported that the Association of Community College trustees would be holding their annual meeting in Chicago in October. Chairman Rendleman appointed Jackie Hancock as the College’s voting member at the ACCT Senate.

Student trustee Kayla Malone reported that a recent voter registration drive had resulted in 15 new voters registered. Malone also reported that the College’s annual club event, Loganpalooza, was a success and that five different clubs would be involved in the College’s celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Days Sept. 27 and 28.

In group association reports, Faculty Association representative, Eric Ebersohl, announced that humanities faculty member, Drew Tucker, was recently featured in an online article at According to Ebersohl, the focus of the article was on Tucker’s art work that was recently placed on trading cards for the popular Gathering Magic game.

Ebersohl also reported that the Social Science Department would be holding a Constitution Day celebration on Oct. 1 at noon. The celebration will consist of a panel discussion focusing on the Affordable Care Act. Ebersohl said the panel will include Cindy Galway Buys, a SIU School of Law Faculty member as well as a George Maroney, the former hospital administrator at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

Charles Rudolph, reporting for the Term-Faculty Association, asked the board to look into why term faculty members who are teaching at the College’s extension centers in Du Quoin and West Frankfort were only being reimbursed for mileage one-way. Rudolph said this has not been the previous practice and it has placed a strain on those required to travel.

Logan Operational Staff representative Tracie Zoller reported that LOSA, along with the Faculty Association, is helping a staff member suffering from multiple melanomas. Zoller said the groups are collecting donations to help offset the cost of an upcoming stem cell transplant.

Vice President of Student and Affairs and Community Education, Dr. Tim Daugherty, announced that the adult education department would be hosting an event on Sept. 25 in honor of Adult Education Week. Daugherty stated that the event would take place at 10 a.m. in the Conference Center and will feature a representative from the ICCB as well as current and former students.

Vice President for Instructional Services, Dr. Laurel Klinkenberg reported that her division along with advisement, have been working to develop a new scheduling model to better serve students. Klinkenberg also announced that the instructional division has begun the process of working on the first of the College’s five institutional outcomes for assessment regarding information literacy.

The board approved the following consent agenda items: surveillance and security camera replacement project and a network modernization project from Dell.

In old business, the board approved the addition of Board Policy 8244, general residency requirements for graduation.