International pictures

ONE: Knowledge

Living and studying in another culture will teach you valuable information about the world and its peoples.

TWO: Independence

Study Abroad teaches you important things about yourself and your ability to make your way in a new situation and to adapt to another culture.

THREE: World View

Study Abroad gives you the opportunity to learn how people in other cultures deal with the same issues, problems, and opportunity that you do.

FOUR: Employability

Study Abroad experience looks good on your resume. An employer will take a chance on an applicant whose record shows willingness to adapt and try new things.

FIVE: Window of Opportunity

When, for the rest of your life, will you have this rare opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture? For many students, it is much easier to spend a semester abroad early in their college career, before the demands of major course work take over. Of course, you can travel after college but you'll always be a "tourist". Take advantage of this chance to be an insider abroad.