New Students Please Note:

Your MyJALC, Volmail and Desire2Learn account will not create unless you register for classes first. After you register for classes your accounts will take two business days to create.

Your account will not be created unless your name, birthdate and social security field are populated in John A Logan’s system. (Note: International students please contact the Admissions office in Room C200 (phone (618) 985-3741,, for your initial password)

New Student Orientation, Perkins and Orientation to Financial Services may be found in Desire to Learn > Tools menu > Self Registration after your Desire2Learn account is created.

MyJALC (Schedules, Registration, Grades, Account Balances, etc.), Volmail (E-Mail), and Desire2Learn (D2L) (Online Classes)

Username/Email: First initial of first name; last name; last 4 digits of student ID;

For Example: A student named John A Logan, with a student ID number of 9991234, would have the email/username:

Password: 2 digit birth day, 2 digit birth month, last 4 digits of social security number

For Example: The student John A Logan, born on December 30th, with the social security number 999-99-6789 would have the password: 30126789

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JALCtext (Text Alerts)

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If you are keying in your username and password correctly and you are unable to log into your account or are experiencing other issues related to one of your College accounts please consult our FAQ page.

Note: Weblink, the college’s former administrative portal has been replaced with MyJALC. Please use MyJALC for all of Weblink's former functions and more.