Help with Student Accounts

  • Your Volmail and Desire2Learn account will not create unless you register for classes first.
    After you register for classes your accounts will take two business days to create.
  • Your account will not be created unless your name, birthdate and social security field are populated in John A Logan’s system.
  • New Student Orientation, Perkins and Orientation to Financial Services may be found in Desire to Learn > Tools menu > Self Registration after your Desire2Learn account is created.

VOLMAIL (E-Mail) & Desire2Learn (D2L) (Online Classes)

Username/Email: First initial of first name; last name; last 4 digits of student ID;

For Example: A student named John A Logan, with a student ID number of 99991234, would have the email/username:

Password: 2 digit birth day, 2 digit birth month, last 4 digits of social security number

For Example: The student John A Logan, born on December 30th, with the social security number 999-99-6789 would have the password: 30126789

(Note: international students will use the last 4 digits of their student ID instead of a social security number for their password)

WEBLINK (Grades, Transcripts, etc.)

Username: Student ID Number (For Example: 99991234)

Password: 2 digit birth month, 2 digit birth day, 2 digit birth year (For Example: 123096)