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Page, Larry – Janitor
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
Parish, Rachel – Instructor of English
Phone / Extension: 8726
Location: C220
Parker, Glenn – Supervising Dentist
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8694
Location: C259H
Parks, Bryce – Instructor Applied Technology
Instructional Services
Phone / Extension: 8764
Location: Guest Box
Parks, Ron – Professor of Computer Aided Design, Professor of Manufacturing Technology
Applied Technologies
Phone / Extension: 8449
Location: C136A
Parson, Jeff – Custodian
Phone / Extension: 8673
Location: E102
Pastori, Judi – Secretary III
Instruction / Term Faculty
Phone / Extension: 8356
Location: B215
Patchett, Barbara – Term Faculty
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8864
Location: Guest box
Patrick, Linda – Instructor of Computer Information Systems
Business Education
Phone / Extension: 8738
Location: Guest box
Patterson, Marla – Psycology Instructor
Office for Instruction
Phone / Extension: 8857
Location: Geust box
Pecord, Melanie – Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
Business Education
Phone / Extension: 8262
Location: C259E
Peebles, Martha – Instructor of Medical Assisting
Allied Health and Public Service
Location: West Frankfort Extension Center
Penrod, Randel – Custodian
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
Peppers, Thomas – Instructor of English
Office for Instruction
Phone / Extension: 8861
Location: Guest box
Perfetti, Marsha – Instructor of Health
Life Sciences
Phone / Extension: 8823
Location: Guest box
Perkins, Toni – Instructor of Accounting
Business Education
Phone / Extension: 8743
Location: Guest box
Pesavento, Gayle – Associate Professor of Speech Communication
Phone / Extension: 8786
Location: Guest box
Petersen, Anita – Instructor
Phone / Extension: 8784
Location: Guest box
Peterson, Sharon – Instructor of Biology
Life Sciences
Phone / Extension: 8898
Location: Guest box
Phillips, Susan – Coordinator of Allied Health Admission
Admissions and Records
Phone / Extension: 8497
Location: C202C
Pike, Judith – Term Faculty
Phone / Extension: 8712
Location: Guest box
Pinto, Kemberly – Instructor of Spanish
Phone / Extension: 8315
Location: B205C
Plumer, Mallory – Secretary III(TEMP. (Community Ed.)
Continuing Education
Phone / Extension: 8137
Location: H102
Poland, Desiree – Instructor for Cardiac Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8894
Location: G200
Police, Campus
Campus Police Department
Phone / Extension: 985-5550
Location: E120
Porritt, Beth – Coordinator for West Frankfort Extension Center
Continuing Education, West Frankfort Extension Center
Phone / Extension: 932-6639
Preston, Cheryl – Admiistrative Assistant III
Academic Advisement
Phone / Extension: 8070
Location: C204
Priddy, Donald – Director of Emergency Planning and Risk Management
Campus Police
Phone / Extension: 8162
Location: E120
Profilet, John – Term Faculty
Phone / Extension: 8809
Location: Guest box
Pruitt, Lisa – Accounting Clerk
Business Services
Phone / Extension: 8203
Location: C114
Pulley, Darren – Dean of Workforce Development
Workforce Development and Community Education
Phone / Extension: 8505
Location: H202L
Pulley, Eric – Director of Institutional Research, Instructor of Business
Instructional Services
Phone / Extension: 8655
Location: E202C