G - Alphabetical Directory

Gabel, Deanne – Admissions Specialist III
Admissions and Records
Phone / Extension: 8213
Location: C201
Gallegly, Carolyn – Director of Student Success Center
Student Success Center
Phone / Extension: 8290
Location: C218A
Gardner, Rick – Instructor of Music
Phone / Extension: 8792
Location: Guest box
Garrett, Andrew – Janitor
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
Garrison, Matt – Instructor of English
Phone / Extension: 8387
Location: C258H
Gentry, Anita – Facilitator
SIU Facilitator
Phone / Extension: 8295
Location: C204A
Geske, Travis – Director of Network Infrastructure
Information Technology
Phone / Extension: 8670
Location: E108C
Gibson, Kathy – Coordinator for Dental Assisting, Associate Professor for Dental Assisting
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8389
Location: D169
Gibson, Tim – Director of Buildings and Grounds
Buildings and Grounds
Phone / Extension: 8109
Location: E102
Gilbert, Kenneth – Instructor of English
Phone / Extension: 8759
Location: Guest box
Giritharan, Kathirave – Department Chair, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Phone / Extension: 8458
Location: E209D
Girtman, Ellen – Student Financial Assistant Specialist IV
Financial Assistance
Phone / Extension: 8130
Location: C210
Glenn, Bill – Head Women's Golf Coach
Office of the Vice-President for Administration, Athletics
Phone / Extension: 8225
Location: C108B
Glodjo, Donna – Administrative Assistant to the President and Recording Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Office of the President
Phone / Extension: 8428
Location: A3
Glover, James – Campus Police Officer
Campus Police
Phone / Extension: 8218
Location: E120
Goodman, Christie – Term Faculty
Life Sciences
Phone / Extension: 8797
Location: Guest box
Graham, Maudie – Professor of Logic and Speech Communication
Phone / Extension: 8688
Location: E250
Gray-Shaw, Bethany – Instructor of Massage Therapy
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8838
Location: Guest box
Greenwell, Leann – Director of Veterinary Technology Program Allied Health & Public Service
Phone / Extension: 618-942-6902 x314
Location: SICCM
Gregory, Debra – Instructor - PNE100
Office for Instruction
Phone / Extension: 8735
Location: Guest box
Griffith, Bradley – Aquatic Coordinator
Life Science/CHEC
Phone / Extension: 8504
Location: J101B
Guetersloh, Kimberly – Director of Grants
Instructional Services
Phone / Extension: 8552
Location: E202D
Gundlach, James – Associate Professor of Physics
Physical Science
Phone / Extension: 8533
Location: G104B
Guy, Michelle – Coordinator of Literacy
Adult Basic / Secondary Education
Phone / Extension: 997-1991
Location: Family Learning Center