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Fair, Cornelius – Instructor - Speech
Office for Instruction
Phone / Extension: 8705
Location: Guest box
Falaster, Marilyn – Director of Nursing
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8455
Location: G218F
Farris, Donna – Instructor of Nursing
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8620
Location: G218K
Ferrari, Carol – Learning Lab Specialist III
Learning Resources Center
Phone / Extension: 8607
Location: C227
Ferraro, Jeanne – Instructor of Medical Terminology and Financial Accounting
Business Education
Phone / Extension: 8729
Location: Guest box
Ferris, Tom – Head Men's Golf Coach
Office of the Vice-President for Administration, Athletics
Phone / Extension: 8438
Location: C107B
Fisher, Bill – Aerobic Center Observer
Community Health Education Complex
Phone / Extension: 8328
Location: J104B
Fitz-Gerald, Art – Term Faculty
Social Science
Phone / Extension: 8867
Location: Guest box
Flamm, Joshua – Guest box
Phone / Extension: 8813
Fleming, Kay – Interim Dean of Workforce Education and Community Education
WORKFORCE Education and Community Education
Phone / Extension: 8417
Location: H101A
Followell, Janet – Nursing Instructor
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8570
Location: G218I
Ford, Dean – Instructor of English
Phone / Extension: 8741
Location: Guest box
Ford, Donna – Associate Professor of Biology
Life Sciences
Phone / Extension: 8463
Location: C240
Forer, Jo – Instructor of Life Science
Life Sciences
Phone / Extension: 8519
Location: C241
Foster, Joshua – Term Faculty
Applied Technologies
Phone / Extension: 8890
Location: Guest box
Foster, Sara – Dental Lab Supervisor, Instructor of Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8690
Location: D174
Fox, Toyin – Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Office of the Vice-President for Instructional Services, Educational Programming
Phone / Extension: 8586
Location: C143
Franklin, Kira – Student Financial Assistant Specialist IV
Financial Assistance
Phone / Extension: 8308
Location: C210
Franklin, Monte – Instructor of Mathematics (Emeritus)
Phone / Extension: 8723
Location: Guest box
Freitag, Jennifer – Instructor
Phone / Extension: 8843
Froemling, Chris – Assistant Director of Health Information Technology Program Allied Health & Public Service
Phone / Extension: 618-942-6902 x305
Location: SICCM
Fulk, Della – Associate Professor of Dental Assisting
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8451
Location: D168
Fulk-Williams, Hailly – Staff Accountant
Office of the Vice-President for Business Services
Phone / Extension: 8484
Location: C114