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Dailey, Tenley – Term Faculty
Allied Health and Public Service
Phone / Extension: 8136
Location: Guest box
Damron, Max – Instructor of Welding
Applied Technologies
Phone / Extension: 8345
Location: C140A
Danley, Rose Ann – Coordinator of Student Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance
Phone / Extension: 8490
Location: C210
Daugherty, Tim – Vice-President for Student Affairs and Community Education
Phone / Extension: 8358
Location: A20
Davis, Launa – Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of Community Education
Continuing Education
Phone / Extension: 8137
Location: H104
Davis, Rebecca – Learning Lab Clerk
Learning Resources Center
Phone / Extension: 8277
Location: C227
Davis, Terry – Custodian
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
Deaton, Jil – DHS Subsidy Case Manager
Child Care Resource and Referral
Phone / Extension: 985-5980 Ext 1224
Location: Child Care Resource and Referral
DeMattei, Mike – Instructor of Construction Management
Applied Technologies
Phone / Extension: 8637
Location: H204D
Dervan, Anne – Instructor BIO
Office for Instruction
Phone / Extension: 8898
Location: Guest box
Dethrow, Joseph – Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone / Extension: 8397
Location: E209G
Deutsch, Richard – Professor of Anthropology/Sociology
Social Science
Phone / Extension: 8284
Location: C235B
Dillon, Matt – Coordinator of Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Training
Center for Business and Industry
Phone / Extension: 8652
Location: H202
Ditch, Jenny – Administrative Assistant III
Phone / Extension: 8312
Location: G206B
Dluzen, Dean – Term Faculty
Life Sciences
Phone / Extension: 8713
Location: Guest box
Dobill, Brittany – Term Faculty
Business Education
Phone / Extension: 8779
Location: Guest box
Dodd, Jim – Janitor
Phone / Extension: 8624
Location: E102
Dover, Bonnie – Preschool Lab Supervisor VI
Phone / Extension: 8246
Location: D270
Dreith, Dr. Michael – President
Office of the President
Phone / Extension: 8402
Location: A1
Dunaway, Kevin – Term Faculty
Applied Technologies
Phone / Extension: 8708
Location: Guest box
Dunkel, Malliece – Administrative Assistant
Women for Health and Wellness
Phone / Extension: 8604
Location: C227B
Durfee, Amy – Assistant Coordinator of Literacy
Adult Basic / Secondary Education
Phone / Extension: 932-6639 Ext 223
Location: West Frankfort Extension Center