The Center for Business & Industry is an ACT™ WorkKeys® Solutions Provider:

WorkKeys® is a job skills assessment system measuring real–world skills. The system connects work skills, training and testing for education and employers. WorkKeys® Foundational and personal skills assessments provide reliable, relevant information about workplace skill levels. WorkKeys® Foundational Skills assessments measure cognitive abilities such as applied mathematics, reading for information and locating information. WorkKeys® new personal skills assessments are designed to predict job behavior and measure the full potential of individuals.

The Center for Business & Industry has been the recepient of two WorkKeys® Excellence Awards for outstanding contributions to community based workforce development.

WorkKeys® offers three different job analysis options to assist you with identifying the skills your employees need to be successful on the job:

— a facilitator–driven, focus group approach that encourages employee collaboration.
— an on–line service that offers maximum scheduling flexibility for participants.
— a paper and pencil format that generates quick results for recruitment and development.

(These methods involve varying degrees of complexity, flexibility, and cost. We can help you choose the approach that works best for your HR practices and business needs.)