The Aquatic Center consists of two pools. The 75' x 58' instructional pool is kept at 83-84 degrees and ranges in depth from 3.5 feet to 10 feet. The 68' x 39' therapy pool is kept at 92 degrees and ranges in depth from 1 inch to 5 feet.

The instructional pool is used to teach Aqua Aerobics, Beginning Swimming, Intermediate Swimming, Advanced Swimming, Aqua Recreational Games, Deep Water Aerobics, MS Aquatics, and Scuba Diving. The therapy pool is used to teach Arthritis Aquatics, Adapted Aquatics, Ai Chi, Aqua Rehabilitation, Unpredictable Command Technique, Aquatic Yoga, and Adaptive Aquatics. Additional aquatics courses include Prenatal Aquatics, Moms and Tots Swim, Aqua Toning & Aerobic Activities, Special Population Aquatics, Life Guard Certification, and Water Safety Instructor Certification. The general swim component of the Aquatic Center is the Aquacise course. Aquacise participants enjoy the use of both pools during their designated swim times.

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Click here for the Fall 2014 schedule of classes for the Community Health Education Complex (PDF)
This schedule includes corrections to printed college schedule and is current to date on page 1.

Courses Offered

  • PED 160 -- Weight Training & Aquacise
  • PED 170 -- Aquacise I
  • PED 171 -- Aquacise II
  • PED 172 -- Aquacise III
  • PED 173 -- Aquacise IV
  • PED 184 -- Aquatic Fitness I
  • PED 185 -- Aquatic Fitness II
  • PED 186 -- Aquatic Fitness III
  • PED 187 -- Aquatic Fitness IV

The Aquacise course is designed to provide an opportunity for the student to participate in a program of exercise and fitness which will fit into the normal, busy schedule of college life. The flexible time and central location of the Aquatic Center make it an ideal course for the total college district population. One to four hours of college transfer credit in physical education is given for each course that is successfully completed.Each of these courses may be repeated, for transfer credit, up to three times.


The student enrolls in the Aquacise class prior to each semester, at the same time they enroll in all other classes. For many persons, this is the only class in which they enroll at John A. Logan College.


Requirements for using the Aquatic Center are as follows: thong and bikini swim suits are not permitted. Modest swim apparel shall be determined by the instructor. A warm, soapy shower without swim suit must be taken immediately prior to entering the pool. Food, drink, personal sound systems, back packs, purses, and clothing will not be permitted into the pool area.

All new students enrolled in Aquacise or Aqua Fitness must attend an Aquatic Orientation session prior to using the swimming facility. Orientation is given during the first week of each semester and provides the student with information relative to course requirements, facility use requirements, and proper, safe use of the pool areas. Students enrolled during the current semester may, after participating in the Orientation session, use the instruction pool as often as they like at the designated Aquacise times. The rehabilitation pool may only be used when available during Aquacise times.

The Aquatic Center is open during holidays on a modified schedule. Please check the Aquatic Center Bulletin Board for each month’s schedule.


Upon entering the Aquatic Center, the student logs in on the attendance sheet at the reception desk. After each workout, the student returns to the log-in sheet and records their time out. Illegible, incomplete, or improperly filled out data will not be entered into the computer.


Lockers and shower facilities are available at the Community Health Education Complex for use by registered students. John A. Logan College will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Select an available locker in the locker room and put your lock on it. You may use this locker until your class ends each day. Locks left on overnight will be removed and gear confiscated.

Violation of Community Health Education Complex or College policies may result in loss of facility privileges.