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  • The Traditional Single Paragraph
    • The Topic Sentence
    • The Supporting Material
    • The Concluding Sentence
  • The Organization of an Essay
    • The Introductory Paragraph: A Closer Look
    • The Body of the Essay
    • The Concluding Paragraph of an Essay
    • Trip Through Transitions
      • Creating Sentence–Length Transitions
  • The Eight Classical Rhetorical Modes
    1. Narration
      • Notes on Narration
      • What are the important aspects of a story?
      • What are the writing skills needed for writing a good narrative essay?
    2. Description
      • Details of Description
        • What is the description?
        • What types of things can be described?
        • What are the main techniques used in description?
    3. Comparison
      • The Comparison/Contrast Essay
        • One-at-a-time
        • Back-and-forth-approach
        • Suggestions for Comparison/Contrast
    4. Classification
      • Clues for Classification
    5. Definition
      • Details of Definition
      • Details for Writing a Definition Essay
        • Point of Paper
        • Method
        • Procedure
    6. Cause and Effect
      • Examining Causes and Effects
        • Cause
        • Effect
    7. Process Analysis (“How to”)
      • Processing the Process Essay
      • Tips on Doing a Cooking Process Essay
    8. Persuasion/Argumentation
      • The Argumentation Essay
  • Proofreading Techniques
    1. What is proofreading?
    2. When should I proofread my paper?
    3. How do I proofread my paper?
    4. What are some typical errors to watch out for when I proofread?
  • The MLA Research Paper
    • Philosophy
    • Practical Procedure
    • Format at a Glance
    • Handling Quotes and Citations
    • Writing Style of the Research Paper
    • Sample Sheet
  • Understanding and Using a Dictionary
    • Abridged and Unabridged
    • Types and Styles
    • Eight Services Provided for Each Word

Grammar and Mechanics