First Place at Mock CCDC, Southern Illinois University

Pictured left to right: Arnaud Henoux, Rojer Jeter, Travis Durbin, Phillip Brackett, Brandon Meredith, Alex Fleming, Cody Brown, Jace Brossart

The Logan Defenders participated and competed at the 2017 SIU Cybersecurity Day. Members took part in a mock CCDC and prepared a number of presentations for students interested in Cybersecurity.


Pictured left to right: Brandon Meridith, Phillip Brackett, Mike Mulford                        

Pictured left to right: Roger Jeter, Zachary Scanlon, Brandon Meredith

Pictured: Alexis Winters

         Pictured: David McClurg                     



The Logan Defenders have completed the spring competition season. Photos from the 2016 Midwest CCDC are provided below courtesy of Mike Mulford.

Logan Defenders 2016 CCDC



2015 Black Diamond Harley Davidson Back to School Day


In 2014, the Logan Defenders Team was created from an active John A. Logan College student organization, Y.O.D.A. (Your Operators Defending Assets) Club. With the help of Coach, Mark Rogers, the team has become what it is today. The Logan Defenders participated in their first Midwest Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition on February 21st, 2015. 

2015 Logan Defenders

Left to Right: Kylee Williams, Jessa Gramenz, Trenton Taylor, Chris Haberman,
Zachary Rheinecker, Austin Musgrave, Curtis McRoy
Not Pictured: Mark Rogers- Head Coach

2015 CCDC Topology


The Logan Defenders practiced for months in preparation for the event. Each member focused specifically on the machine/system they were assigned and a project manager role was created to facilitate the incoming injects that are sent out in waves during the competition. Each role on the team is crucial to the defense of the network. Overall the event is judged based on the availability of services, if a service goes down, the machine loses points. The judges also give points for completed injects, and detecting attempted intrusions. The competition is an invaluable experience for students to learn hands-on how important cyber security is in any networked environment.


Logan Defenders


"As students in a field that is constantly growing and evolving, the experience gained from participating on the Logan Defenders team has given each team member an advantage over traditional CIS students because we have to stay up to date on our defenses and exploits that the red team use against us during the competition. The participation on the team provides us with knowledge that is only just being discovered, being up to date on current events in the cyber defense field is often a feat for instructors because the textbooks aren't able to keep up with the speed of cyber security." - Jessa Gramenz