Requests for financial support must show the following:

  1. Benefit to the College
  2. Necessary for course articulation or program enhancement
  3. Innovative course design

The following outline must be used for submitting a request. 
All requests must be signed and dated:

  1. Cover sheet - Include the title of the merit award request, the name of eligible person requesting funds, and a statement of the amount requested.
  2. Rationale (Statement of Need) - Make a brief statement as to why this merit award request is necessary or desired.
  3. General Objective Of The Project - Include an explanation of what you plan to accomplish with this merit award.
  4. Procedures to Accomplish Objective -
    1. Specify how the above objective will be met, and be specific
    2. Submit a detailed budget
  5. Timetable - When will the project begin and end? Detail activities.
  6. Meet the Criteria - How does the request meet one or more of the above criteria for the Center for Excellence Merit Award? The request must meet at least one of the above criteria.
  7. Share the Results - How will the results of the project be shared with the College? (Faculty forum, brown bag lunch, staff development activity, new course, etc.)