A cooperative work/study internship experience may be paid or unpaid. However all students must complete a total of 240 hours and a grade will be awarded based on students’ work performance. Students may contact employers directly concerning the possibility of an internship or they may work with the Director of Career Services to secure a work site.

Benefits of Co-Op

Enrolling in co-op gives you the “competitive edge” by providing real-world experience while you are taking classes towards a degree or certificate. These days more employers are looking for graduates who already have experience in their fields, so to compete for jobs you’ll need the competitive edge that co-op offers.

Co-op is a win-win situation in which both students and employers benefit. Co-op students are able to explore career options and test their classroom skills in real-life learning situations. Co-op employers build a pool of tested and proven job candidates for current or future openings.

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To Apply

Click here for the application (Word Doc)

  • Attach to the application a paragraph no longer than 200 words describing your career goals and why receiving an internship with an area employer is important to you.
  • Complete a typed resume
    • The resume should be typed without errors.
    • Make your resume as visually appealing and as reader-friendly as possible. Most employers look at resumes for less than 60 seconds. Your resume should name the type of position sought (example: an internship as a draftsperson)
    • Name the skills you can offer an employer (example: a position in which I can contribute strong oral and written communication skills).
    • List previous work experiences, stress responsibilities that relate to the position you are seeking. Most employers are interested in seeing that you've had actual work experience whether or not it relates to your current objective.
  • Have one of the instructors in your career area write a letter of recommendation.
  • Submit the application, resume, typed paragraph and a letter of recommendation from instructor to the Director of Career Services, Lisa Hudgens, room C215.

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Co-op Expectations

Co-op expects professional behavior from the co-op student. As professionals, students must treat their employers respectfully by giving appropriate notification of absences or termination.

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Employer Expectations

Company Policies

Students must conform with policies, procedures, and safety rules; and must work scheduled times.


Students will be supervised at the work site and will be responsible for performance and punctuality. If a student does not perform to the satisfaction of an employer and/or Co-op, he or she may be dismissed from the program.

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Finding a Position

Once you have been approved by the Director of Career Services, the director will attempt to place you with an employer that matches your needs.

Many students search for their own internships directly. However all placements and employers must be approved by the Director of Career Services before beginning an internship.

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The employer will form an impression of you based on your interview.

  • Dress appropriately
  • Ask questions about the company and the specific task an intern will be required to perform.
  • Be honest about the commitment you can make. Know your schedule for the next few months.
  • Promptly send a follow-up thank you letter.

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Accepting a Position

If you are offered a position with an employer and accept, notify the Director of Career Services immediately. The Co-op office will initiate the necessary paper work.

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