Click here for a PDF of the Mathematics Placement Review

John A. Logan College is committed to offering each of its students the opportunity for a successful and rewarding educational experience. The Board of Trustees, Administration, faculty, and professional and nonprofessional staff are dedicated to this endeavor.

The purpose of the Mathematics Placement Review is to provide you with assistance in preparing for the mathematics placement test at the College. In it, you will find information regarding our placement process, course descriptions, objectives, and practice problems for our developmental courses. You will also find resources that are available to help you prepare for the placement exam.

The Mathematics Department desires that every student be initially enrolled in the highest level mathematics course that he/she would have a reasonable chance for success. Assessment into mathematics courses is based on the placement score and a review of the student’s high school background in mathematics. At a minimum, the student should have the high school courses Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II with grades of at least “C,” along with the appropriate placement test score in order to be ready to begin with a transfer level mathematics course. Also, a student's chance to begin at a higher level mathematics course is increased by taking a mathematics course during the senior year.

If you have questions about the booklet or desire some additional information or advice about what mathematics course you should begin with, feel free to contact the department chair, Kathirave Giritharan at or extension 8458.