John A. Logan College has joined with a group of institutions through the Higher Learning Commission to work together and share experiences in order to build an institution-wide commitment to assessment and improvement of student learning.

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Action Plan Documents

Faculty Documents

Student Services Documents

Rubrics and Skill Sets

Sample Rubrics

Ethical Awareness Rubric Samples

Aesthetic Response Rubric Samples

Team Members

  • Cheri Barrall — Assessment
  • Nikki Borrenpohl — Assessment Rubrics
  • Stephanie Chaney-Hartford — Faculty Representative
  • Charles Coelho — Business Services
  • Nancy Jo Crowell — Faculty Representative
  • Carla Haas — Instructional Services
  • Cindy Johnson — Instructional Services
  • Mikeal Kos — Faculty Representative
  • Susan May — Administrative
  • Christy McBride — Student Services
  • Deborah Payne — Administrative
  • Kristin Shelby — Student Services