What is Adult Volunteer Literacy?

The John A. Logan College Literacy Program serves adults 17 years of age and older who are out of school and living within the John A. Logan College District. All services are free, confidential, student centered and may be provided in a one-on-one or small group situation. Adult tutoring is available in most communities.

How to become a Volunteer

Literacy volunteer tutors provide adults the opportunity to gain skills and be more effective as parents, workers, and citizens.

Volunteer in your community by becoming a tutor. Help learners improve their literacy skills by tutoring, one-on-one, in small groups, or in an ABE/GED classroom. You can also volunteer to tutor adults in English as a second language.

Helping adults improve their literacy, math, and English language skills is an important task and requires training.

Training is provided in which you will learn techniques that can be used with individual leaners, goal setting and lesson planning. You will also have the opportunity to practice tutoring using a variety of materials.

Are you needing help with reading, writing, or math? Could one of your goals be:

  • To help with your children's homework
  • To complete a job application
  • To have a better understanding of work related and health related materials
  • To improve math skills
  • To learn to speak and write English

For more information about becoming a literacy volunteer or tutoring services, contact the Literacy Program at John A. Logan College.

Brittany Roberts Literacy Counselor/Facilitator

John A. Logan College
700 Logan College Drive
Carterville, IL 62918
618-985-3741 ext. 8414