When am I going to receive my Higher One Card?
You should receive your Higher One Card within 7 to 10 days after it has been ordered.

How can I tell if I have my correct USPS recognized address?
You can verify your address by going to the following website:

Is activation easy? Is it clear how to choose the option I want?
The website offers options. Students are free to choose the free checking account option or the direct deposit option. As of fall 2010 there will be no mailed check option. Each preference is easy to choose and confirmed to make sure there is no mistake.

If I choose not to activate the John A. Logan College One Card, do I need to keep the Debit Card?
We recommend that you retain the card for future reference or use. If you forget your password, you will need the number and security code from the card to reset your logon. In addition, if at any time in the future, you change your mind and decide to open the One Account, you will need the Debit Card to access the funds on that account. It can also be used as a library card on campus, as well as a student pass for the Saluki Express and other student benefits.

Am I required to open a bank account with Higher One to get my refund?
No. You only have to open a One Account if you wish to have your refund on your Debit Card.

Once my card is activated, how long will it take my financial aid and/or refund to show up on my card?
The college tries very hard to ensure that the financial aid disbursement occurs within the fourth or fifth week of the semester. If you are getting a refund from a class that you have dropped, you should expect a refund within a week or two.

Does Higher One charge fees?
There is no charge to a student to receive their refund, no matter which of the three options they choose. If the student chooses the One Account banking choice, the bank account is offered at no charge for standard banking services. There is no fee to withdraw funds from your Higher One account using a Higher One ATM (the Higher One ATM at John A. Logan College is located at the Community Health Education Complex.

If the student uses other services, such as wire transfers, there are fees which are comparable with other banks. Higher One's fees are competitive with other banks, and the company provides education materials to teach students how to use the account for free.

These are some helpful websites regarding fees:

If I choose to use the One Account is there a $.50 fee for debit purchase transactions?
When using the MasterCard feature of the One Card there are two ways to make purchases. Both draw money from your One Account. There is no fee charged for “swipe and sign” debit card transactions - available at 22 million locations worldwide. As with many banks, yes, you will be charged a $.50 transaction fee for PIN-based transactions. However, almost all merchants that offer PIN-based transactions also offer signature-based transactions. Many of our customers have never paid for a debit transaction. To make a non-PIN based transaction, choose or say "Credit" when asked at the register, then just sign the receipt. Do not enter a PIN. Your transaction will be covered by MasterCard's Zero Liability Policy.

Higher One encourages students not to choose "Debit" when they have the option. Instead choose “Credit.”

I’ve forgotten my Higher One password, how do I reset it?
Go to and click on the link that says Trouble logging in? Reset your password.

My card has been lost or stolen, what do I do?
Call Higher One customer service at 1-877-273-0707.