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  • Step 1: At least one week prior to the meeting, club advisor emails the following information to
    • Club Name
    • Meeting Date
    • Meeting Start Time
    • Meeting End Time
    • Preferred Meeting Location
  • Step 2: An email confirmation will be sent to the club advisor within 3 business days.
  • Step 3: After receiving confirmation, promote the meeting.


    • Clubs are responsible for creating their own flyers.
    • Copies may be made in the Student Activities office. Copy charges will be assessed to the club’s expense account.
    • Be sure to have all flyers stamped for approval in the Student Activities office prior to posting.
  • Step 4: Prepare Meeting Form.
  • Step 5: Submit original, completed Meeting Form to the Office of Student Activities & Cultural Events and keep a copy for club records.


  1. Meeting reservations will ONLY be accepted from CLUB ADVISORS.
  2. Club advisors MUST attend all club meetings and club functions.
  3. Clubs MUST meet at least six times per year (three times in the fall and three times in the spring).
  4. Meetings can be scheduled one at a time or all at once for the semester.