1. Plan for club travel well in advance.
  2. Club travel must support the club’s purpose(s), which may include the personal and professional development of club members.
  3. The Club Advisor is responsible for student conduct during all club activities including travel. This responsibility includes ensuring the club follows College policies and procedures.
  4. Clubs must have sufficient funds to cover club travel.
  5. Follow the steps below for club travel as a group. In cases where the Club Advisor is traveling independently using club funds but no club members are traveling, the Club Advisor must follow ALL of Board Policy 7420 and Administrative Procedure 742. These are available on Intranet at Board Policy 7420 and Board Policy 742.
  6. Airfare will not be reimbursed before travel occurs. Airfare may be purchased with personal funds and then reimbursed upon return from travel with appropriate receipts and a Travel Voucher. Airfare may be purchased in advance through a travel agent or other company that will accept purchase orders.
  7. If the College has issued a P-Card to the Club Advisor (or his/her designee) for his/her regular JALC position, DO NOT USE THE P-CARD FOR CLUB EXPENSES INCLUDING TRAVEL.
  • STEP 1 Determine which club members will be traveling. The Club Advisor must travel with the club. If the Club Advisor cannot attend, he/she must find a full-time faculty or full-time non-teaching professional to stand in for the Club Advisor. This individual must be approved by the Director of Student Activities.
  • STEP 2 Submit purchase information to the Student Activities Office at least two (2) weeks before the due date for registration fees, lodging, or public transportation when they are due more than fifteen (15) days in advance.
  • STEP 3 Prepare a Club Travel Request form available online at
  • STEP 4 Copy the Club Travel Request form for all travelers. In case of an emergency this will allow everyone on the trip to contact one another or contact one another’s emergency contact person.
  • STEP 5 Submit the Club Travel Request to the Director of Student Activities for approval.
  • STEP 6 After the Club Travel Request has been approved a travel advance may be requested if needed.
    • Travel advances will only be issued when the total cost of travel exceeds $50.
    • Travel advances will not be issued more than fifteen (15) days before travel.
    • The Travel Advance form is available on Intranet at Be sure to print the “Travel Voucher Back” onto the back of the Travel Advance.
  • STEP 7 Retain all receipts for expenses that will be paid with club funds. These may include but are not limited to:
    • Registration fee receipts
    • Lodging receipts (must show a zero balance)
    • Transportation receipts
    • Meal receipts
  • STEP 8 IMMEDIATELY UPON RETURNING complete the Travel Voucher form available on Intranet at Be sure to print the “Travel Voucher Back” onto the back of the Travel Voucher.
  • STEP 9 Attach all receipts to the Travel Voucher and submit it to the Director of Student Activities for approval.