1. To be able to REGISTER for more than 11 hours.
  2. To find out how you can switch your major.
  3. It’s a chance to be around people who really enjoy what they do.
  4. For an opportunity to ask those questions you'd really rather not be caught asking but you really need the answers to.
  5. To make sure you stay on course with your plans to graduate or transfer to a four-year school.
  6. To find out where you can get help with a course that’s giving you problems.
  7. Sometimes academic advisors have a candy dish on their desk or good stories to tell.
  8. To find a good compromise between the major you think you ought to have, the one your family thinks you should have, and the one that really interests you.
  9. So you get put in the right classes after going through all the trouble of taking your placement tests.
  10. So you won’t have to call a psychic hotline about what classes you should take.